Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am totally not a sports mom. I never played a team sport in my life, aside from fun games of dodge ball or flag football in elementary school PE. In junior high, my mom convinced the school board that my daily hours of dance class should count for PE credit as it did for the gymnasts at my school. So I was exempt from that, and was on the drill team in high school. I played on a summer softball league for my church youth group once, and was probably the worst person on the team, or any of the teams we played, for that matter!

So needless to say, I haven't encouraged the girls in sports. They have done well with swim team, which is about enough sports for me! Actually Mary Clare shouldn't even be participating in any high-impact sports after her severe knee injury. So I don't feel guilty. They love ballet and are very talented at it. It's great exercise and artistic as well. If they showed an interest in sports, I'd try to foster it, but for now...our homeschool PE and swim team will have to suffice!

I'm sure we'll have years and years at the baseball fields for Steven Joseph and Thomas in the future. In fact, SJ is already claiming that he's going to play t-ball this spring. We'll see if that can fit in our family schedule, in the midst of ballet exams, ballet recital, swim team, a First Communion, and end-of-the-school-year events...and a husband who is gone from dark to dark every day. Hopefully we can figure it out; he would SO love that!

So Friday was our homeschool PE class. I think it's been over 2 years since we've attended one of these. First it was concern about MC's knee...she couldn't really run during that time frame, and then had the surgery and recovery. Last school year our PE program didn't work out much; the weather was always bad. And this year we had a new baby, and PE was low on my priority list. So this week when it was at our park down the street on a gorgeous day, we made the effort!

We had about 30 kids playing baseball. They had a blast!

Here's Mary Clare at bat. Ellie wasn't interested in the game, or didn't like her team or something, because she wandered off to the playground with some other girls before it even started!

Now poor SJ had me almost in tears. He was watching the game holding this tee and bat just waiting, waiting for his turn. I was distracted talking to other moms, trying to get the baby to sleep, and calling the police to come and get a dog that was loose at the park. So when the game was over and he came and grabbed onto my leg, I felt SO bad that I didn't tell them how much he wanted a turn.

So I was able to hand off the baby, take him back onto the field, and convince the other boys still playing around to let him have a few hits and run the bases. He was so excited!

And my sweet Tommy boy just living the sweet baby life!

We stayed at the park for SEVEN hours, it was such a great day! Now we'll be back to rainy and cold weather this week. Glad we got to enjoy a little sunshine and a fun sports day at the park!

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