Monday, January 24, 2011

A few from the zoo

Last week we spent a few hours at the zoo with a dear friend and her 3 cherubs!

The kids wanted me to take their picture that morning; I couldn't get to the camera fast enough and poor Thomas was ready for mama!

They always love this tunnel. I love that there's still a Christmas tree in the aquarium!

Tommy sitting like a big boy in the stroller. He loved watching everything!

Almost all aquarium pictures! It was really too wet outside to take many pictures.

And my friend and I were too busy catching up and trying not to lose our kids!

But how sweet is this elephant and calf?

We survived this misty and cold zoo outing, and then I proceeded to continue my adventure to go visit Steven's dad with the kids, make a quick visit to Steven at his office, and then go on a wild goose chase for a Craigslist item. Please note: if it's advertised as a "trundle bed," I would expect to see a TRUNDLE! Oh well, we survived, but I've learned my lesson to stick with local classifieds!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

What day did you go, Blair? We were there on Wednesday! I'm guessing it was a different day for you, because we had glorious weather. It was like a gem in the middle of a wet week.

We need to meet up sometime, and the zoo would be a perfect place (I'm assuming you have a pass?).

Love your pictures!!

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