Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Sillypants

Along with getting into all sorts of mischief these days, Steven Joseph has become quite the jokester! He tries to make up his own jokes and is always trying to get a laugh out of people!

Some things he did tonight that made me laugh...

Me: Why are there crumbs on my bed?
SJ: Oh, that's because I was eating there.
Me: Why were you eating on my bed?
SJ: Oh, that's because I was hungry.
Me: But why did you eat on my bed?
SJ: Well, that's because I needed a seat.

Then...heard from the girls' room....
"Mommy, can you please get Steven out of our room? He is jumping on the bed with no clothes on!"
Steven Sr. also alerted me earlier in the evening that he was playing in the playroom wearing only a knight helmet (in SJ talk, his "shy-shining-armor" costume).
Sometimes keeping them bare bottomed is the easiest way to potty train!

Also tonight, I found him standing on the counter. He was putting a band-aid on his leg, where he's had a small bite for a few days. "Oh that's because this is hurting me REALLY bad." He left it on for about 5 minutes.

But I will say that I'm proud of my big boy. An outing to a birthday party yesterday and to mass downtown today wearing big boy underwear, and he had NO accidents!

I so love my Stevie Joe! He is really a hoot!


theresa EH said...

He is certainly all BOY ;-) give him a hug for me k? If you can catch him

Jill said...

Love it! :)

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