Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Birthday girl!

On Sunday we celebrated the 8th birthday of our big girl, Mary Clare! We started the day celebrating the Epiphany at Mass downtown and then headed on to one of our family's favorite eateries. Aside from grandparents, I had no idea who'd make it to lunch, but it turned out that nearly all of Steven's side of the family was able to come.

Excited about her new watch and hat!

What Mommy usually looks like these days, always with Tommy attached!

After lunch we went to the nearby shopping village with some of the aunts and cousins to get Mary Clare's ears pierced. Claire's store was a bit overwhelming, and after getting up in the chair, she changed her mind. So she picked out some special goodies from the store, and we did a little shopping with NeNe and PaPa!

Wow, 2 pictures including Mommy today!

Here she is when we got home, happy with her smoothie and her new cake making toy!

She took a photo for me to see her attempted cake, since I was sleeping :) She made herself a real cake later that evening and we had an impromptu Happy Birthday around 9:30pm! We'll celebrate again this weekend with a small party for a few friends and family.

Late that night, she came out of bed and told me she wanted to have her ears pierced the next day! Well, we didn't have time for it during the chaos that was Monday, but today (Tuesday) we went with her best friend and family to go make it happen!

Here she is with naked ears! We went to Merle Norman this time and liked the atmosphere a lot better.

Getting ready with her friends looking on...

"I just want to get it over with!"

Little beauty.

And tomorrow we go to get her eyes checked and pick out glasses. What a big week!

Oh Mary Clare, what a special little girl you are! Mommy and Daddy are so proud at the young lady you are becoming. This is a special year for you as you complete 2nd grade and prepare to make your First Holy Communion and receive Jesus for the first time!

You are a great reader, a math whiz, a beautiful dancer, a learning pianist, a good big sister, a little cook, a doll-lover, a fun fashionista, a creative seamstress, a kind friend, and a lovely daughter! May you always use your talents to serve God. May you always know how much He loves you and how much We love you. We can't wait to see what this new year has in store for you!



theresa EH said...

A very Happy Birthday MC!!!! Those pink boots are just adorable!!!!!
You will have a ton of fun wearing pretty girly earrings soon :-)
BTW Blair, Tommy is the perfect "accessory" to wear, very in vogue ;-)
Theresa in Alberta

veronica said...

What a beautiful little 8 year old! Wow! I can't believe how old she looks! Blessings to my sweet God daughter!

Shannon said...

all of a sudden your Mary Clare looks like such a big girl!! She's gorgeous!

Jill said...

Awww...Happy Birthday!
Every year it strikes me that our oldest children are so close in age- and in personality.
Aslynn has been asking about getting her ears pierced, and I told Paul maybe her 8th birthday will be the year. Just one more month for her to join the Great 8s!

Glad you had a nice day.
Cute cake!

Andrea said...

Oh Blair! She's so beautiful and grown up! It looks like a wonderful birthday for her!
Also, your little guy is getting SO big too! It seems like he was just born and that picture of him in the sling - he looks so big!

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