Monday, November 23, 2009

Rest in Peace, Nana

This will be a light blogging week. My grandmother's funeral Mass and burial are tomorrow in San Antonio. We will be going there and back in one day, and then leaving for our Thanksgiving family reunion on Wednesday. I doubt I will have internet since we will be at a state park, having a glorious time with cousins, and meeting some family members who live out of state too! We have had a rough few months, but have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

This is the beautiful photo my mom is putting on front of a little program for the funeral-

Doris Rosalie

And here are my beautiful Pops and Nana, Al and Doris, visiting our home in the early 1990s.
I take great joy in imagining this sweet couple together again in Heaven!

They were quite a pair, full of life and energy for so many years! They raised 4 children and spent their retired years traveling the world, volunteering, and working in the parish gift store. Nana was a breast cancer survivor, nothing could stop her from her goals...I know I get a lot of my go-getter personality from my grandma. Pops lived to age 93 and Nana to 94, but we've missed their jokes and silliness during the final years they spent in the nursing home . I love imagining these two sharing some laughs and praying for us up in Heaven.

We miss you Nana!

Please pray for the souls of Doris and Al, for all who grieve their passing, and for our travels, and all who travel this holiday weekend.


Neen said...

We will remember her in prayers and your family. Have a safe trip and enjoy the memories of a great lady. She was beautiful. Be safe on the roads.

Jill said...

What a beautiful woman in all ways. And what a blessing that you got to be with her for so many years. Peace be with you all this week.

Jessica Gordon said...

Praying for your Nana and for you!

candyspirit said...

To my dearest daughter Blair.
Thank you for your beautiful words for my Mom, Nana. I do so appreciate you all being with us for the funeral mass and burial at Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery. It was so comforting to have you all at our side. We will miss her spit fire personality but the abundant memories of the grand times we all had together are always with us for her and Dad,our Pops.

Love, Ne Ne and Pa Pa

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