Tuesday, November 17, 2009

new victims

the girls have fallen victim to the stomach virus. vomit all around! i'm feeling nauseous but holding my own...i have a stomach of steel! at least we know it's short-lived and at least i'll have a somewhat quiet home today without my whiny chatterboxes running around. try to see the positives, right?

i'll leave you with a funny photo from last week. thankfully this was a washable marker!


Celeste Creates said...

I hope it all passes very quickly. Andrew threw up a bit of mucous this morning, but he's been fine since. We can hope, right? Praying for you.


Jill said...

I wondered if the girls would get it as well. Sorry to hear. Praying you are puke-free soon. Last night we had no puke and it was lovely. :)

Blair said...

Hoping for puke-free soon! Thank you for the prayers! Steven and I are the latest victims but hopefully I am on the tail end, so we can still care for the kids!

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