Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Trip to Oklahoma

Warning: very heavy picture post! But a great recount of our wonderful Thanksgiving Family Reunion, meeting the family members related to Steven's mom. There were 51 of us there, sharing a fun 4-day weekend at Beavers Bend State Park in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

The kiddos did well in the car ride overall! We went to Pam's house near Dallas on Wednesday night (baby didn't do so well on that one), and then drove on to Broken Bow on Thursday morning.

Finally, the Red River! Crossing the border...

and soon after, arriving at Beavers Bend State Park!

Our cabin (duplex) and the cabins down the lane


Thanksgiving Dinner at the restaurant

a Great Horned Owl at the Nature Center

Steven goes on a little fishing trial, watching Stu

Hanging out in the cabin

Caleb checking out the doll and dress-up high heels!

And finally out to meet the extended family!

It was COLD that night!

On Friday morning, Steven and Stuart went on a guided fishing trip.

Steven's BIG CATCH!

The Rainbow Trout of a lifetime! Happy Guy!

Now it's time for the family photo fiasco of 2009!
(All the good photos were taken by cousin Angie; can't wait to see them!)

BopBop relaxing with Caleb and MC

Cousins playing while they wait their turn

Take One of Grampatti and BopBop with all their grandkids

Take Two.

Take Three!

Our little family :)

A sweet one of the Stevens.

Throwing rocks, what fun!

Wasn't expecting gorgeous hills like this!

Watching for the release of the dam waters...

The guys couldn't wait any longer and had to go get a closer look, on the pier.

Surfing Jeff!

That evening we hung out at Katie and Lon's cabin and had a campfire outside.

Aunt Katie was the s'more queen!

Enjoying the night around the campfire!

SJ didn't care for the fire much.

The kids played many games of checkers.

Everyone declared Ellie the "smart one" as she fell fast asleep on the couch at about 7:30pm!

Saturday morning, celebrating Sarah's 14th birthday with a horse ride for big cousins and little cousins alike! (Megan, Seth, Sarah, John, Mary Clare, Andrew and Emily)

Ellie checking out the horses

Mary Clare, the brave little girl!

That is, until about 2 minutes after this picture was taken, when she started crying and chickened out. I'm impressed she even got on the huge horse! Maybe next time...thanks anyway, Aunt Katie!

She opted for the train ride with Daddy and siblings instead.

Saturday lunch and sports at the pavilion

And then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Uncle Don and cousin Sarah!

mmmm, cupcake!

Finally, we end the lunch festivities with a dance lesson by Aunt Sandy, starting with the Merengue!

and ending with Swing!

The cute couple heading up the sound department, Jenny and Tim!

Uncle Lon and cousin Seth keep watch over Steven Joseph, sleeping on the picnic table at the left of them!

Steven and Uncle Thomas take the kids on a nature hike

And then a funny memory of Uncle Thomas trying to negotiate the sharing of an orange soda with his two kids; priceless.

Saturday night we once again hung out at a cabin and had a campfire outside!
The kids were all over the Halloween candy. Whoever brought that...thanks a lot, haha.

Kids playing their own version of "cocktail party"

and the adults saying goodbye

movie-watching on the DVD players was an important aspect of the weekend

Sunday morning came too soon.

Off we go...

Back into the Lone Star State!

To all the B/M family...thanks for a wonderful time! We'll treasure the memories of this family reunion for many years and will be looking forward to the next one! We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!


Beverly said...

What wonderful memories for all the family! You are fortunate to have such an experience. It looks like a lovely place yet I'm sure the company was the best part. Thanks for sharing all the pictures,

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like a WONDERFUL time! My kind of trip!

Jill said...

Wow. What an awesome trip. You guys seem to be constantly surrounded by lots of loving family and friends. What a blessing.
Great photos!!

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