Saturday, November 07, 2009


My heart and mind are starting to recover, but my home is still in need of some deep healing and cleansing!

What my mind and house have been like the past few weeks!

We made it through Kelly's Memorial Mass, Burial, and Reception. Many tears were shed, but hope prevails. Yesterday we said goodbye to her boys, and I tried my hardest to hold it together. We are going to miss those mischievous monkeys and their mama! Today they moved with their father overseas.

As Kelly's Mass was starting, a new soul was entering eternal life. Linda, another Catholic mom in this area, passed away on Thursday after a short battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving behind a 13yr old daughter, 6yr old son, and devoted husband. Then yesterday I woke up to discover that an online message board friend had suddenly passed away. What a week!

Today was a new day, with new hope and blessings, but a busy one nonetheless. Ellie had her first birthday party to go to without her big sister, then we went on a bike ride with Stevie and Daddy. Tonight she got to run another errand with me and was thrilled to have a special "Ellie day!" Mary Clare had fun with NeNe planning her January birthday details.

Tomorrow we will brave 7:00am Mass again and start the new week. I'll be starting "I" week over again, since last week was focused on survival and assisting with details for Kelly's services and not much official homeschooling was completed. I'll also be preparing to host a yard sale next weekend to benefit Kelly's boys, so I think that will continue to keep us on our toes!

I have lots of photos to share and stories to tell, but now I need to pick out mass clothes and find a spot in my bed! Last time I looked there were 3 children in my spot! Have a blessed Sunday, all!


Sean & Bobbie said...

I've been thinking of you a lot this week and praying. I hope you have a good Sunday and that all goes well with early Mass. I will continue the prayers for your intentions...

Colleen said...

What a week, Blair! I've been praying for you and Kelly and her family. Please remember to take care of yourself as you labor so hard taking care of others. What a beautiful wife, mother and friend you are!

Neen said...

It was a very hard week, but I also found that I grew so close to God. My house is so bad as well! It was great seeing you at the early Mass. I find that is my favorite part of being up so early, seeing friends.

Blair said...

Thanks so much, friends. Great seeing you too, Neen! This week will continue to be challenging as we go through Kelly's things and prepare for the yard sale. I hope to make at least one of Linda's services too. Thanksgiving and the Advent season should be a healing time for all of us!

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