Monday, November 16, 2009


Outside my window:
Sun is shining, low 60s, a cool breeze. I have the front door open while girls go in and out playing fairies. The windchime chimes. A gorgeous day.

I am listening to:
Fairies arguing, baby whining in my lap, he's sick with a tummy bug. Appears to be improving so I think we're going to sit here for awhile and cancel the doctor appt.

I am hoping:
That Nana has a peaceful death...That Steven Joseph has a good night tonight and that the rest of us don't catch the tummy bug! His vomiting has stopped since mid-morning but he is still pretty cranky and gassy.

I am wearing:
Black yoga pants and dark pink tee; also wore light pink hoodie when we were outside today. I think the hoodie was Kelly's...came from the sale. I love pink!

I am thankful for:
Steven's job, my amazing friends this weekend, our loving family.

I am excited about:
Our upcoming Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma for a family reunion! Also excited about my special purchases from the garage sale...a set of stoneware dishes, a Pottery Barn pillow to inspire some living room colorful decor, a smoothie maker, some clothes and toys, and much more. It's like an early Christmas!

I am pondering:
Just how much more "fruit cocktail" we can handle. This has been a rough year.

We've dropped the ball on most all exercise since Steven's job started. The hours just don't allow us to get out alone to exercise, and I'm not about to leave the kids in drop-in YMCA childcare during flu season. Last weekend we did take 2 family bike rides, and the big garage sale must have counted for some exercise with all the walking and lifting. I actually took a big fall and hurt my knees during the prep for the sale, I'm all sore and bruised up but hopefully I didn't do any real damage that will affect all my post-Thanksgiving exercise plans I need to draw up!

In the kitchen:
We've been eating horribly the past few weeks. Meal planning is the thing that goes out the window when I'm stressed. I haven't made a home-cooked meal since Thursday. Tonight (finishing this post about 10 hours after I started) was takeout Mexican food...yum! This reminds me to go take some chicken out of the freezer for tomorrow. We are loving the smoothies from our new smoothie-maker, so I'll aim to make those a few times a week.

I am creating:
Ideas in my head about living room decor. I've never been able to find a color scheme I like that works with the gold leather couches. But I think I've found it! Now, I also need to do some creating...for a birthday gift this week. Maybe some more fairies?

Towards a real education:
We've been educated in Life and Death the past few weeks. Now we are preparing to say goodbye to my grandmother and lay her to rest. Schooling is secondary when it comes to family matters, so our Alphabet Path activities have really been on the back burner. Still we've done a little that I'd like to recount, hopefully tomorrow!

Towards beauty:
Working on beautifying my house as I'm trying to clean it up. Also looking into having someone come help in that department this week. Even if it's only for one visit, I think having a housekeeper help with some big cleaning chores will bring some joy to my heart this week. I do find peace and beauty in a clean house, although it's so rare...

Towards rhythm:
Need to get back into a routine. Start with morning prayers, meals, schoolwork, and internet only after those are done. Oh and housework. That too. Also, working on a bedtime goal of 11pm...2 minutes away!!!

A picture thought I am sharing:

a pensive Mary Clare at a fairy party yesterday...

1 comment:

Jill said...

I hope Steven Joseph is having a good night and that you all stay well.
Bennett came down this morning saying, "I feel better and better every day." Now I'll just be looking for rashes on everyone. :)

Yes, you have had a big load of fruit cocktail recently.
You should definitely have a housekeeper come in for a little help amidst this chaotic time. We have a lady come in twice per month. It's a huge help. I have a hard time admitting to it even, because I want to be able to do everything and do it well. But, that's just my pride...

Cute photo of your little fairy.

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