Monday, July 13, 2009

Price My Space!

I'm joining another linky party today, yay! The Nester asks us to share what we spent on some items in our home! As I mentioned the other day, my creative vibes are coming back so I've been fixing up my room all purty :-) Here she is...

1. Area Total=$8
Nightstand--gift from family I lived with in college and painted white with extra wall paint=free!
Lamp--found this at Goodwill last week, $3. Already had the shade.
St. Francis icon--I think we bought this in Rome, maybe $5.
Other framed flower print--my mom=free!

2. Total=$400
King mattress & boxspring--$300 in the clearance room at Gallery Furniture
Two Tempurpedic pillows--$125 each minus $200 coupon at Gallery Furniture=$50
other pillows and pillowcases--already had, maybe $5 for the pillows
Fitted sheet, bedskirt--$10 each at Target/Walmart
Duvet--returned a gift and got this at Marshall's=free
Duvet cover--$20 at Target
Handpainted "headboard"--painted myself with wall paint=free!
"B" initial on metal barrel lid--painted myself with paint we had=free!

3. Total=negative $5!
Nightstand--from my grandma and painted white=free!
St. Clare icon--$5 in Italy
Vase with flowers and little framed print--already had or stole from my mom=free!
Twin mattress on floor for nighttime visitors--negative $10, bought a trundle bed and sold it for more than I bought it for while keeping the mattress :)
bedding on twin bed--from my parents=free!
overdue library book on nightstand=???

4. Total =$8
White curtains--from sis-in-law=free
Blue floral curtains--found at Goodwill last week=$5
Curtain rod--left by previous owners=free!
Curtain rod holders that hubby picked up today so the rod wasn't hanging in the middle=$3
Little white doves painted by me today=free

5. Total=$0
Framed prints on the right--my aunt picked up for me at an auction=free
Other frames and pictures--wedding gifts=free/minimal photo development
Vase and flowers--wedding decor
Willow tree figurines--gifts
Other vase you can't see and little bowls above the mirror--from my mom
Dresser--my grandma's that needs a paint job=free

The other wall I didn't picture holds another similar dresser from grandma and some wall shelves and framed photos that probably total about $20. (it also bears a suitcase and some bags and messes from recent trips, which is why it isn't pictured here ;) and to make it even, I'll say the blue paint from Wal-Mart was about $18.

Most of that spent on the mattress
Moral of the story-thrift shops are good, family who has furniture, bedding, and knickknacks to hand down to me=awesome!

I've mentally tried to price the furniture in my whole house and am pretty sure it's around $1500, maybe closer to $2000 including all the accessories/photos/frames. A lot of that was spent on our used leather set we bought last year for $700. We are tightwads, and blessed with hand-me-downs, that's for sure!

Do you think I should leave the dresser or paint it???


Julia said...

Lovely room!


ViolinMama said...

GREAT room, great space!!!

Thanks for introducing yourself today! You made me smile, and I love your blog here!! Have a great week! God Bless!

Colleen said...

Awesome job, Blair! I love the monogram over your bed!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Blue is my favorite color! What a lovely room...please stop by my living room and tell me what you think!

Adorable family too!

Lamp Tramp said...

Love your beautiful BLUE bedroom, so peaceful! Great monogram!

Andrea said...

Thrift stores, craig's list, etc...I don't know how people survive without them! I never pay full price for anything, and often aquire things free like you! It just makes it that much more beautiful!
I may have to join in...this looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Great job. Love the headboard!


Lerin said...

Adam and I have only bought two items of furniture in our whole house! Bunk bed and toddler bed. Everything else was given to us. Someday my furniture will match. ;_

Marie said...

Hello Blair - thank you for sharing your fabulous room! It looks so comfy. I love how you've decorated and the use of color is so pretty!


Kimberly said...

Blair, you are awesome. Your bedroom looks like such a peaceful sanctuary.

And I vote to paint the dresser.

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