Monday, July 13, 2009

Price My Space!

I'm joining another linky party today, yay! The Nester asks us to share what we spent on some items in our home! As I mentioned the other day, my creative vibes are coming back so I've been fixing up my room all purty :-) Here she is...

1. Area Total=$8
Nightstand--gift from family I lived with in college and painted white with extra wall paint=free!
Lamp--found this at Goodwill last week, $3. Already had the shade.
St. Francis icon--I think we bought this in Rome, maybe $5.
Other framed flower print--my mom=free!

2. Total=$400
King mattress & boxspring--$300 in the clearance room at Gallery Furniture
Two Tempurpedic pillows--$125 each minus $200 coupon at Gallery Furniture=$50
other pillows and pillowcases--already had, maybe $5 for the pillows
Fitted sheet, bedskirt--$10 each at Target/Walmart
Duvet--returned a gift and got this at Marshall's=free
Duvet cover--$20 at Target
Handpainted "headboard"--painted myself with wall paint=free!
"B" initial on metal barrel lid--painted myself with paint we had=free!

3. Total=negative $5!
Nightstand--from my grandma and painted white=free!
St. Clare icon--$5 in Italy
Vase with flowers and little framed print--already had or stole from my mom=free!
Twin mattress on floor for nighttime visitors--negative $10, bought a trundle bed and sold it for more than I bought it for while keeping the mattress :)
bedding on twin bed--from my parents=free!
overdue library book on nightstand=???

4. Total =$8
White curtains--from sis-in-law=free
Blue floral curtains--found at Goodwill last week=$5
Curtain rod--left by previous owners=free!
Curtain rod holders that hubby picked up today so the rod wasn't hanging in the middle=$3
Little white doves painted by me today=free

5. Total=$0
Framed prints on the right--my aunt picked up for me at an auction=free
Other frames and pictures--wedding gifts=free/minimal photo development
Vase and flowers--wedding decor
Willow tree figurines--gifts
Other vase you can't see and little bowls above the mirror--from my mom
Dresser--my grandma's that needs a paint job=free

The other wall I didn't picture holds another similar dresser from grandma and some wall shelves and framed photos that probably total about $20. (it also bears a suitcase and some bags and messes from recent trips, which is why it isn't pictured here ;) and to make it even, I'll say the blue paint from Wal-Mart was about $18.

Most of that spent on the mattress
Moral of the story-thrift shops are good, family who has furniture, bedding, and knickknacks to hand down to me=awesome!

I've mentally tried to price the furniture in my whole house and am pretty sure it's around $1500, maybe closer to $2000 including all the accessories/photos/frames. A lot of that was spent on our used leather set we bought last year for $700. We are tightwads, and blessed with hand-me-downs, that's for sure!

Do you think I should leave the dresser or paint it???


Julia said...

Lovely room!


ViolinMama said...

GREAT room, great space!!!

Thanks for introducing yourself today! You made me smile, and I love your blog here!! Have a great week! God Bless!

Colleen said...

Awesome job, Blair! I love the monogram over your bed!

Sarah Bradford-Burton said...

Blue is my favorite color! What a lovely room...please stop by my living room and tell me what you think!

Adorable family too!

Lamp Tramp said...

Love your beautiful BLUE bedroom, so peaceful! Great monogram!

stephanie h said...

Very pretty!

Andrea said...

Thrift stores, craig's list, etc...I don't know how people survive without them! I never pay full price for anything, and often aquire things free like you! It just makes it that much more beautiful!
I may have to join in...this looks fun!

Anonymous said...

Great job. Love the headboard!


Lerin said...

Adam and I have only bought two items of furniture in our whole house! Bunk bed and toddler bed. Everything else was given to us. Someday my furniture will match. ;_

Marie said...

Hello Blair - thank you for sharing your fabulous room! It looks so comfy. I love how you've decorated and the use of color is so pretty!


Kimberly said...

Blair, you are awesome. Your bedroom looks like such a peaceful sanctuary.

And I vote to paint the dresser.

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