Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Recital in our Playroom!

A few days ago the girls planned out a dance recital performance in the playroom, complete with paper tickets, audience seating, a curtain, and the playhouse porch as the stage! Steven Joseph is ready for it to start!

Ellie was the dancer and Mary Clare was the instructor. Here's the performer with her sidekick, doing a curtsy, and crossing her arms in frustration about something!

The video is really hilarious with Mary Clare telling Ellie what to do and then SJ joining in on the dance. Oh, how these kids make me laugh! Just another day in the life!


Megan said...

honestly, that is so sweet! and it's just exactly what little girls love to do! they'll love looking back on that!


Colleen said...

What fun! That video is too precious!

Melissa D. said...

priceless moment. how wonderful and fun.

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