Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Dance

My little beauties ready for the Daddy/Daughter Dance for our homeschool group on Sunday night


All the daddies and daughters

Homeschoolers just wanna have fun!

Love this daddy/daughter shot!

Mary Clare had fun with all her friends!


Stevie gets in on the action!

a Mommy/Daddy dance, but one little person wouldn't let us dance alone :)

A fun night was had by all.


Neen said...

I really hope to post about it later today. It was so much fun. I was surprised last night that my older girls 18 and 15 both said that they had a blast. Considering they were the only older kiddos there I was afraid they would say it was stupid. They thought it was a great idea and had fun dancing with each other and all the little ones.

I put the pictures on FaceBook for the older ones also. I love that there I can share the entire bunch of pictures. I hope to write about it today, though. It was a special time. Your family looks adorable here.

Lillian said...

What a wonderful idea!! Looks like fun! Did you guys have a DJ or just play your own cd's? Did you charge? Can you tell I want to try this here?!

Lerin said...

What precious photos! I'm really going to have to make it up there to photograph your gorgeous family... SOMEDAY!

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