Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For your enjoyment

Hope this brings a little laughter to your day...
the girls' attempts at singing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserables

Mary Clare has just shown an interest in singing, still needs some work :)
But I'm amazed that she learned the entire song watching other kids sing it on Youtube!

And Ellie is absolutely hilarious


Beverly said...

Votes coming in now - Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Do they need an agent? :)

candyspirit said...

Mary Clare is just Brilliant! I especially enjoyed the Darbyshire Pemberly British accent! Ellie is adorable and I love the movements. Yes, do sign them up for the
C H O I R!!!

Love, your Ne Ne

Melissa D. said...

the accents are brilliant! absolutely precious.

Lillian said...

I was about to say the same thing ... love the accents!! They were both too cute!

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