Thursday, July 09, 2009

7 Quick Takes

I'm in the mood to create. I'm not sure if it's poetry, sewing (I have yet to learn to use the machine I got for my birthday in February!), art, dance, photography, or decorating. Well, it's probably all of those but I've got to choose where to start! I'd like to start journaling again, and I'd like to write some poetry for the blog. I'd love to find someone to teach me to sew and to photograph. The dance, well it's Zumba at the YMCA for now but I'd love to do some real dancing too. Then the decorating...I have several ideas in mind...the initial above our bed, painting the sewing room, painting the living room, finding some mini-canvases for the girls to paint, and making curtains...lots of curtains! Speaking of creating, here are the big canvases that the girls created and I finally hung up in the playroom today!

This little creativity inspiration was partially born of my reading of Angie's blog links to Ann and Anna. Oh it's been too long since I've read about their beautiful lives! Truly inspiring.

Now on to Michael Jackson :-) Doesn't quite go along with the blogs listed above, but you'll see where I'm going. I know lots of people have been complaining of the extensive Jackson coverage on television. Since we have no TV in our house, I can't speak for that. But I can speak for the fact that my husband has finally complained about the MJ coverage at our house! As a child of the 80s, his music was what I grew up with. All of his songs bring back memories, particularly memories of my dancing days. Whether it's "Ben" (my favorite), "I'll Be There", "Black or White", "Will You Be There", or "Thriller" I have very special memories to go with those songs. I've been singing them day and night and watching some of the video coverage on YouTube.

I am saddened of another famous life snuffed out, saddened for his children, sad to watch coverage of a life that appeared to be filled with misery. I have always been interested in famous children, and his own veiled trio have been a source of curiosity for me. I'm glad the veils have been lifted and pray that these children find peace in the midst of their suffering. The peace of Christ. And I pray for their father's soul too.

Steven Joseph screams. I'm not sure what's going on in his little world. I think a lot of it may have to do with being overtired, and possibly some of it may be related to teething. But my little man is not happy this week! He is waking up crying at night, fussing during the day. Oh the tears! I pray tonight is better, please God.

My job tonight was supposed to be loading the photos to the hard drive. But the hard drive icon is gone from my screen so I know not what to do! I'll just blog and read blogs instead, and look through adorable old pictures which had been hidden in the hard drive, like these:

(Mary Clare at age 2 and 3)

Ellie at 2mos and 6mos

Girls at ages 1 and 3

My they grow up so fast!

Aren't kids the sweetest when they're sleeping?

(black and white is best for this, especially when one of your children has orange around her mouth from the popsicle she ate before bed, oops! at least it was an "all natural no sugar added" fruit bar from HEB--yummy!

Since the girls had video coverage this week, I'll end with a cute bath video of Stevie (waist up, mind you!). I was letting him walk around the tub because he had a horrible diaper rash and couldn't sit down. His eye and nose lacerations are from falling into the train table (getting rid of that!) when I was chasing him down to get the mini screwdriver he was holding a few days ago. Used NewSkin glue and no ER visit needed.

You'll notice him use two of his words, right when it starts he says "Ah MEH" (oh, man!) and "aWAH" (water).


Elizabeth said...

Love all your 7 things! Precious pictures of the girls, I am getting so excited to meet this little guy inside of me, who last night was keeping me up b/c he felt like an alien trying to get out! Also love the sleeping pictures. It is so true, what sweet angels they are sleeping.

The MJ coverage is just WAY overdone. You, my dear, have handled it in such a nice way!! Don't get tired of seeing your thoughts- but the news, the nightly news is turning into Entertainment Tonight, it is just awful!! Especially since so much else is going on in this world. It is truly sad!

Enjoy your weekend my friend!

Genny said...

Stopping by from Jennifer's blog. Small world...I love Angie's site too (Bring the Rain). Enjoy your creative mood! :)

This Heavenly Life said...

Wow! Your creativity trumps mine by a million! I'll just have to read about yours and enjoy the fun from afar :)

What beautiful babies you have! Screaming or otherwise :)

Clare said...

Stopping in from Jennifer's blog to say: awww... your children are such sweethearts!

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