Sunday, May 03, 2009

7 Quick Takes--Weekend edition

Pictures from the past few days and our quick road trip to attend a cousin's First Communion and to finally visit Great Grandma!

Swim team day #2 was a success!
This is going to be a fun activity these next couple months!

I'm totally smitten by this little man.

"Emily" and "Elizabeth" have made lots of outings with us. Here they are at a restaurant last week. They also went on the road trip. But if you were wondering...NO, I did not let the girls bring the large wooden doll beds on the trip, although they pleaded!

My homeschool class of preschoolers have finished the year! We had our last First Friday class, where we learned about the Blessed Sacrament and Blessed Imelda, patroness of First Communicants! Here are the cuties with the certificates they received for finishing the year.

Speaking of First Communicants, my cousin's daughter K had her First Holy Communion on Saturday. We made the road trip to the Dallas area and stayed with Steven's sister. K looked gorgeous on her special day and my girls are already discussing all the aspects of their First Communion days in a few years!

The cousins at the party; they have so much fun together!

The best part of the trip to D/FW was visiting my Nana. I haven't seen her in almost 2 years, so she had yet to meet my sweet baby boy! It was a quick but very nice visit and I'll need to make a post in a few days of all the funny things you hear from a 93 year-old (actually she told me she was 26 and engaged!)

He looks cute here, but this was not the way SJ looked most of the road trip! There were tears and crying and arms pleading to be released from his carseat prison. Face and clothes covered in chocolate from M&Ms, the only thing that would keep him quiet for short amounts of time.

It was all worth it, but I'm not sure I'll be making a road trip with him again anytime soon.


Neen said...

You kids are beautiful. I really hope the girls love swim team as much as the T kids do. We all love it. See ya the pools.

Lerin said...

I'm glad you had a great trip! We told all of our family members this year that they will have to come see US for the holidays. My boy hates being on carseat lock-down for road trips too, and I'll have a newborn this year as well. Roadtrips with little ones are rough!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that you got to see your grandma and she got to meet SJ. I have this very strong feeling that the elderly enjoy seeing children way more than any of us realize, even though most of them are unable to communicate it. (And hopefully that helps you get through those "carseat moments" :)

Congratulations to cousin K on receiving Jesus for the first time!


Catherine said...

#2--I can see why!

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