Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Sports Starting

After the floods of the past 2 days, swim team finally started this afternoon! Mary Clare was so excited and did a wonderful job! I think she'll be moving out of the swim-lesson-type class to her age group sooner than later!

Ellie on the other hand started crying and came over to me (they kept all the parents way away from the pool). I told her she could just go and watch. So that's what she did for a few minutes...

until they convinced her to go sit on the steps with the other little bitties who are still learning to swim. She's never taken lessons before so hopefully that's what it will be for her this year--daily swim lessons!

My two swimmers after their workout!

I just heard that they've canceled all UIL sports in Texas until mid-May. I hope ballet and swim team will still continue for my little athletes!

Mommy here has also started some spring activities of my own. I've been taking 2-3 classes at the Y each, pilates, latin dance, etc. This morning I went to "Ballet Workout" which was a really good workout and the first time I'd done a dance class since college. I danced my entire childhood, so that's one thing I've really missed during adulthood. I'm hoping to take classes at their dance studio, one day when I'm back in shape!

My hands and feet still do remember what to do, at least!

It's been a great way to relieve some of the stress we've encountered in the past months. The floods and storms of the past couple weeks haven't helped. I'm ready for a sunny spring and summer filled with joy and hope! I know that rainbow is right around the corner, and hopeful that we'll see it very soon. Thanks for your continued prayers for our family at this time!


Elizabeth said...

Your classes sound awesome, Blair. Yea for taking care of mama!

Neen said...

Yeah to the new swim team members. We LOVE swim team over at the T house. The kiddos live for it. I love how well they sleep after a good workout. Good Luck to them!!

Lerin said...

Such cute little swimmers! Ballet workouts sound super-fun, too.

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