Friday, April 17, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Is there a child who doesn't love the red and yellow Little Tykes car?

Heart update:

Got a phone call today--the surgeon looked over his records and tests and wants him to be bigger before surgery. We made an appointment in December with the cardiologist where we will do all the tests again, schedule an MRI, and then proceed to meet with the surgeon to possibly schedule the surgery in early to mid-2010 when he's over 2 yrs old. The nurse said that his ASD was too large to spontaneously close, but we can always pray for a miracle, right? So we will just hold tight until December; thankful that this isn't an urgent condition. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers as we adjust to this news.

One of Ellie's two blankeys. I'm not sure how much longer these will last!

She turns 4 in five days! Wow!

Tonight I was saying something about "father" and Steven asked if she knew who her father was. "Enrique," she answered (her godfather). "PaPa," her 2nd try (my dad). "Give me a hint!"...we just laughed.

Her funny Ellie-ism right now is the name she likes to be called, "Emma Emily Sarah Alana Alana Alana," sometimes with varying numbers of Sarahs and Alanas!

A sweet pic from the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. I don't think I ever posted it here.

This was the biggest plane anyone had seen at a small town airport a few weeks ago. We were all patiently waiting to see who would board it, maybe a famous politician with his entourage or a big wig business man and crew...

That big plane for one old man (the one on the left). Anyone know who he is? We don't.


And for fun...a picture from exactly one year ago on April 17th! SJ and his best bud, J, in their matching outfits. They were born one week apart. Look at my baldy boy!

Today was a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for a ballet friend. The kids had a blast; the perfect activity for a rainy day, and it's so much calmer on a weekday afternoon! Here were the highlights:

He was totally obsessed with this ball game. It was the only thing he wanted to do, the only place he wanted to be the whole time we were there!

Have a great weekend, all!


B-Mama said...

Blair, wonderful to get caught up with you and the kids...! Please know of our prayers for little SJ! What a sweetie boy with a precious heart! Just wanted to pass along that friends of ours has a daughter with ASD and she was able to have the hole patched through a new procedure that involved going through an artery in her leg rather than doing the full-fledged open heart surgery. She was able to have it done at 4-mos-old and was able to go home the next day. Pretty amazing! You may already know about this, but if not, look into it or get a second opinion!! Prayers!

Lerin said...

Your babies get cuter by the second. I loved the Easter egg hunt photo. I'm so sorry to hear about SJ!!! I am also glad it isn't urgent.

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