Friday, May 08, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Starting with some video clips...

Especially for the family, here's a video of our visit with Nana at the nursing home last weekend, complete with an Ellie singing and dancing performance :)

To prove that my toddler doesn't make mischief all day long...
The other day I went to check on him and he was quietly reading to himself in the living room. I had to get the camera for documentation!

Mary Clare is doing really well on the swim team. She made it across the pool without help yesterday and jumped off the diving platform and the diving board! We are so proud of her and she is so brave as she tries new things each day! Tonight is team pictures and a pizza party and tomorrow she will swim in the practice meet. 6:45am...*yawn*...Saturday mornings are going to be rough for awhile! Here's her hesitant first jump ever off the diving board:

My mom might kill me for this, but this is why my kids love their NeNe! She'll even dress up in my old bridesmaid dress to play wedding with them :)

This is what I dig out of his mouth ALL.DAY.LONG.
I think that crayons are really his favorite snack.

Yesterday we survived a well-check for all 3 kids! Everyone is a-okay, aside from SJ's heart problem and his newest development--eczema :(

I have horrible eczema on my hands, so I'm not happy about my baby having it all over his legs, as well as on his belly and arms. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, but I hope we can keep it under control this summer and see if it's not allergy-related. The girls had hearing and vision screenings, and everyone looks to be growing well. A few lollipops later, we were none worse for the wear!

I just read a "what my kids are doing right now report" (cute, Jill!)
and since I can't think of a #7, I'll try that.

...Well, this could've been a post of its own.
I'll try to make the 7th quick take as quick as possible!

10:30am on a Friday at the B home....

Ellie was playing with all manner of things (calculator, pens, brass baptism frame) that she has stashed in the nursery. Love her stripe/floral combo, that's one of her favorites!

Stevie was busy getting into things in the girls' room. He was eating a toy clip-on earring and was playing with the doll house pictured here. He actually sits and plays quietly with this doll house a lot!

Mary Clare was busy planting sunflowers in the middle of the backyard. See? She even made a sign and covered her seeds with pebbles!

Then I realized I've never posted a picture of the fabulous home behind us, LOL! I'm not sure if the grass has ever been mowed, but now we have the bigger problem of the damaged roof from a tree that fell during Hurricane Ike. Apparently they have been having disputes with their insurance company, and now the house has so much water damage that is going to need to be torn down. Until then, we get to look at the lovely blue tarp ;-/

While I was climbing on the playstructure to take that picture, I first broke the wooden ramp that leads up to the fort, and then I heard screaming from over by the house. Poor baby had tried to get to us and slipped in a puddle on the patio. And the mean mommy took his picture before rescuing him and taking him to the shower.

Now we've eaten, the baby is asleep, the girls are making items with beads, and I need to finally finish this post and clean this house!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Megan said...

This post is hilarious! I love the pics of your mom! Too funny!

Jill said...

Great post, Blair! The 'what my kids are doing right now' is so much fun. It shows how very creative your kids are. I did another one but discovered Bennett and Aslynn in a big fight and had to break it up. So, I'm going to try again today.
I laughed so hard at the picture of Steven in a puddle. Not because he slipped but that you thought to take a photo- something I would totally do! :)

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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