Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Saturday

started bright and early with swim meet #3!
At the ready bench!

Steven squared watching the swimmers

FIRST BLUE RIBBON! She got first in her freestyle heat!

Ellie gliding around the swim meet

Cutie-pie with her little hat

And to NeNe's club pool in the afternoon.
Not sure who these Gap swim trunks and hat came from,
but aren't they awesome?

Mary Clare, my little fishie

There's no stopping Miss Ellie now that she can swim.
Can't turn your eyes for a second, or she's gone!

And NeNe with her grandgirls. So sweet!

a fun Saturday was had by all. And an early bedtime the result of a full day :)
I'm still recovering this Sunday afternoon, while Daddy has them at the pool once again!

and a couple shots from our visit with friends on Thursday...
Ellie and her letters!

My kids with their traveling buddies! Clara Lucia visiting from Argentina and Enriquito, Gerardito, and Fernandito, finally back from Qatar! Their daddies are all working overseas.


Beverly said...

Great snapshots of fun memories! I especially love the one of your men watching the swimmers. Nice job behind the lens!

Lerin said...

Love the second one of your little guy on Daddy's shoulders!

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