Thursday, May 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

Sorry it seems I've been on hiatus this week, not much to write about I guess...Let's see if I can find 7 things to write about tonight!

Guess who we're picking up at the airport tomorrow (Friday) evening? Yay!

Ellie is getting over croup...poor baby has been so upset to miss the past few days of swim team. Here she is watching from the stroller :(

And speaking of swim team, the big swimmer-girl is doing excellent! At the meet last weekend she made it across without even touching the ropes! This week she has moved up to her age group (instead of the newbie class) and is learning "secret breathing" which is the term they use for lifting their head to the side to breathe during freestyle. She wants to try backstroke at the meet this weekend! Ellie has been doing great too, kicking with a board across the pool with no help, and jumping in and taking a few strokes to her coach. They both really love swim team!

Baby gear. Isn't it funny how quickly the new items come out and what was once an amazing baby invention is now old news? We're pretty much out of the baby gear stage for now since we've grown out of bouncy seats and booties, but I do still use a stroller on a daily basis, and still put SJ in the Moby wrap occasionally. But these are the newer gear items I'm pining at...

I used to cringe at the idea of the Phil & Teds stroller since it seems like the child in the back is almost sitting in the basket area. But everyone I know loves this thing. I'm thinking about selling my current single and double strollers (and maybe a few other things) to take advantage of the Costco deal on these right now! It's so hard to push the kids in our current double stroller, but I wonder if they'd like the way this one works...

My friends also rave about the Ergo carrier, which can be worn on the front or the back. I think my homemade Moby wrap works great for a younger infant although it does require the wrapping and knotting. The Ergo is a balanced carrier for both infants and toddlers and clips on easily. Everyone seems to love it!

So right now my Peg Perego Aria Twin stroller (bought used) is probably my most used baby/kid item, besides the very cheap shoulder bag I bought on clearance at Target and use as a diaper bag! And well, the Britax carseats (love those) and the awesome IKEA high chair my friend passed along. I guess I still do use a lot of baby items, now that I think about it. What are your must-haves and drool-overs in the baby gear department?


Our caterpillars are officially chrysalides and have been moved by my "scientist" to the butterfly pavilion! Hopefully we'll have some butterflies emerge in the next few days!
EDIT-we woke up Friday morning to find they'd all emerged but one! I'll add pictures soon!


On Wednesday I had some friends over, who I met on the internet! I had already met each of them in person but many hadn't met each other and it was great having 12 adorable babies and preschoolers running around. I've missed hosting get togethers and enjoyed the wonderful playdate. Thanks to the NFP board ladies for a fun day!

I'd like to ask for some prayers. Mary Clare's little ballet and homeschooling friend H has just been diagnosed with cancer and I ask you to please blanket this sweet family in prayer. My friend's newborn baby J is still in the NICU after arriving early. Also my friend K is still suffering from cancer complications. May God's healing hand be on each one of them and may Our Lady's mantle cover them and their families with peace. And there's my own intention that I continue to ask for your prayers about. Thank you, friends!

My little buddy tonight

Oh, I just want to eat him up! Except when he awakens every half hour all night long. Eye teeth coming in...poor baby.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Thanks to all those who serve or have served our country. God bless America!


Catherine said...

I love my Jeep side by side twin stroller. The Costco double stroller looks much easier to push, but the twins wouldn't like it if they couldn't see each other. :)

Colleen said...

How exciting that Veronica is now home! Please tell her "hi" and "welcome back!" from me!

Lillian said...

Say hi to Veronica for me!! The baby item I couldn't do without would be my Maya Sling and my infant baby carrier/stroller .. nothing fancy but I love it. Also, my bed rail.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add to the raving about the Ergo. I have a Moby, which I LOVE for the first 6 months. Once I needed that baby on my back, though, the Ergo was a lifesaver. I tried and tried to figure out the back wraps with the Ergo, but I couldn't do it, and Colette kept getting irritated. I think my Ergo is my #1 most essential baby item. I have never loved any piece of gear as much as I have loved it, and it is 100% worth the cost. I got mine from, which is where I purchase my cloth diapers. She has free shipping, which helps with such a big ticket item.

Andrea said...

Oops. That last comment was from me.

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