Monday, May 12, 2008

Worn Out

Whoa. I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Wednesday! Since then, we've:
~Had a group over for lay movement meeting
~Hubby out all evening with his family at the Astros game
~Nature club at Arboretum. They learned about pollination and made their own little flowers to pollinate each other!

(Ellie didn't want to be pollinated!)

~Stayed up on Friday night until 2am writing my talk for tomorrow
~Went to a bridal shower for the girls' dance teacher. Here's how they decorated the present...

I had no wrapping paper so we used the banner paper Ellie got for her birthday and they watercolored it and made a cute bow...their teacher loved it! Too bad we got the same gift off the registry as someone else; Mary Clare was disappointed. I enjoyed getting to know the teacher and other dance studio staff and moms. They are amazing Christian women!
~Remembered why I don't shop with 3 kids when I went to Target Saturday afternoon. Ellie had a potty accident in the middle of the book section! When I got to the car there was a necklace stuck to the stroller basket, so I had to walk back in and return that...
~Continued watching lots of episodes of The Office, our new favorite show you can watch online!
~Ran to vote in our area elections and then to Wal-Mart (sans kids), and sometime between paying at Wal-Mart and leaving for Mass Sunday morning LOST MY WALLET! Still haven't found it and I'm concerned I left it in the shopping cart. Had to cancel my cards and am praying I don't have my identity stolen since my brilliant self had my SS card in there!
~Saturday night got an iTunes gift card and light fixture (and steak dinner) for Mother's Day :)
~Made it 15 minutes early to Mass on Mother's Day and sat in the FRONT ROW!
~Went to a beautiful restaurant on the Waterway with my parents where the girls fed the ducks and we went to see the new water fountains nearby:

~Noticed a huge tree branch fell on our garden. I'm not sure this garden is in the cards this year! We'll see what survives! I also got a beautiful little rosebush from my parents, Steven bought a couple tomato plants, and Mary Clare found a seed packet in the $1 section at Target, so we have a lot of planting to do this week!

~Went to the pool

~The girls were so tired, Ellie fell asleep at the kitchen table

~Now I should be cleaning the house and watching the girls while the baby sleeps. They are playing swim team and Ellie just came to me after Mary Clare did this to her arm!

(the kids on the swim team write their swimming info on their arm like this)

Okay, well have a great week everyone! And if you could offer 2 prayers for me: that my wallet would be found, and that my talk goes well tomorrow morning. Thanks!


Shannon said...

prayers!!! may the Holy Spirit be with you tomorrow!

Lindsey said...

Prayers Blair!! Wow, you are one busy Mama!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

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