Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Bananas

Edited: Let's see if YouTube works since the Blogger video doesn't seem to be loading right.

Once the girls saw their (10-days-younger-than-Stevie) Godbrother trying some baby food, Mary Clare rushed to the kitchen and got some bananas ready for Steven Joseph to try! Boy, it's hard to feed a baby and take a video. So much for that outfit today...


Anonymous said...

oh, that is sooooo sweet! I love how the girls are so tickled for him! And the not-so-perfect filming makes it more REAL, Blair.

Wow, 5 months old today - hard to believe it! But then again, he is a big boy so he looks much more than a month older than Cecilia; I can't imagine her sitting up in a Bumbo anytime soon. (We laugh she reminds us of those bobblehead dolls :) --not too much control yet so she seems younger than she is.

Congratulations on the first banana, Steven Joseph! May this be only the start of "bunches" of monkey fun!
We love you!!!
The Kloesels

veronica said...

toooo cute!

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