Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory of...

...those soldiers who gave their lives so we could live in freedom. Especially members of our family and friends. I remember our friend Sean Lyerly who died in Iraq last January. May they rest in peace, and may all those who mourn their passing be filled with the peace of Christ. Hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day!

...little Maria Sue Chapman, the 5 year-old daughter of Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman, who was struck by a car in her driveway last week and killed. She was one of his 6 children and one of the 3 they have adopted from China.

I can't seem to get the Chapmans out of my head these past few days. He wrote the most beautiful song, "Cinderella", about dancing with his little girls and treasuring those moments before the clock strikes midnight and they're gone (he relates the story about how he was inspired to write the song after bathtime one night). And many other beautiful songs and stories, many of which you can watch on YouTube.

It has also given me a renewed interest in adoption. We've always hoped to adopt at some point, but this tragedy, and other recent events, have put it on my heart in a much stronger way. Our current family and financial status are not exactly ideal for adoption, but hopefully at some point in the coming years we can start the process to welcome another child in this beautiful way!

May God bless you this last week of May! And may Our Lady's love be close to us as she leads us closer and closer to her Son.

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