Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flower Fairy

The Song of the Iris Fairy
by Cecily Mary Barker


candyspirit said...

Hi Mary Clare!

What a nice morning greeting to wake up to! You are so very sweet and have quite the stage presence. I am hoping to hear this song and dance performed to us in person very soon! Thank you for sharing your song with all of us!

Love, Ne Ne & Pa Pa

B-Mama said...

MC, what a beautiful voice you have!

Blair, so enjoyed reading through the last week for your family--getting caught up after a blogging hiatus! Loved the shots of all the outings and *wonderful* to read your thoughts on your middle child worries. I am beginning to grow concerned over our own soon-to-be third, T-baby, and I really loved the quote about suffering! Blessings to you all...

Anonymous said...

heh heh MaryKatherine keeps asking, "me see Mary Clare again???" :)

(Is there a limit to how many times we can keep clicking back on your blog? --I feel like a stalker! ;)

Mary Clare, you are precious in so many ways!!!

The Kloesels

Lillian said...


Lerin said...

What a precious girl! :)

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