Saturday, May 24, 2008

judith the junk drawer

doesn't it have a nice ring to it? well, i was happy that in one of my housekeeping blog entries from a few weeks ago, our friend rich the "catholic dentist" assured me that it's okay to have a junk drawer. and rich even scans in all his receipts; he's that organized. well, the problem is that we only have 2 drawers in our entire kitchen, so having one work as a junk drawer causes some problems. and the other problem is that my husband doesn't like judith.

tonight steven was complaining about it because he lost something and was blaming judith. he kept wanting to throw out all my paint color samples, in fact i think he did! as if those were the main problem of the drawer! well, since i'm trying to clean my house here at midnight for guests who may be arriving at 9am, i decided to work with judith for a few minutes.

i was curious...just how many writing utensils does she hold? what's your guess?


if anyone said EIGHTY they'd be correct. that did include 2 items found under the kitchen table after i shot the picture. so technically 78.

i think judith the junk drawer feels a little better. i sure do. next on the judith cleaning accessories! what's your guess for those???

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

Wow Blair! LOL!!!

My junk drawer has steak knives and colored pompoms. Not too smart, eh? But we don't have a bonafide "junk drawer," complete with pens and hair bands and other things like that. Just one drawer that is a little more confused than the others. I need to take care of it sometime...

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