Saturday, April 12, 2008

No shame

Well, I'll start with some fun pictures from the last few days! Thursday evening was a symphony performance nearby. They offer free lawn seating at almost all these performances and have special activities for the kids too! This one was called the "Tickle Me Symphony" and we all enjoyed sharing the evening with some of our friends. We are much looking forward to our first homeschool group camping trip next weekend with several of them!

They made "tickle-me's" with feathers on a popsicle stick
Coloring them with a friend

Showing off their work

Trying out all sorts of instruments

Today was a birthday party at our nearby science museum suburban satellite
Ellie checks out a hissing cockroach

Mary Clare steers clear of the deadly scorpion and is yelling for Ellie to stand back!

Ellie watches the digging for dinosaur bones! She didn't want to join in until it was time to go back to the party room...of course.

MC digging

One of my other projects from this week...the fireplace. Still not sure how I like it but better than nothing!

Now for my shameless pictures! Here's what I've got ahead of me the next week, hopefully before we head out for camping next weekend I will have pictures of these areas transformed by the "cleaning fairy"!

A messy kitchen with a cooking hubby at 10pm! Can't wait for that Santa Cecilia chicken pasta dish...yum!

The living room transformed into a church while I was at the grocery store. Notice several days-worth of folded laundry needing to find it's home and the coffee table needing a few more coats of white paint.

The mess of an office where I currently reside and should be cleaning instead of blogging!

And a project I only halfway finished a few weeks ago. The floorboards, yuck!

Midnight update: Kitchen and living room are clean. Laundry is put away. The office and floorboards will wait until another day. Ready for a fun Sunday!

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Lindsey said...

Thank you Blair! I can show these to my hubby and tell him, "see, our living room (and every other room in our house) is pretty normal!" They usually look just like you posted. :D You're not alone. Well, seeing as you ended the post with updates, yours look better than mine now, undoubtedly. Way to go!

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