Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come join us...

...on our camping adventure at Huntsville State Park!
(Warning: lots of photos; maybe next time I'll try a slide show, but probably not!)

First, set up your tents! Or watch the kids while hubby sets up the tent :)

Sit around with your friends while dinner is cooked on the fire

As evening begins, get out those marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers,

because it's time for s'mores!

Watch the cute daddies with headlamps rock babies to sleep in the moonlight

Then wake up the next morning to see the steam rising from the lake

And cuddle up by the morning fire to keep warm

Time for a lesson on alligators!

Listen up!

It's a fun lesson

And now you get to wait in line to pet a baby alligator!

A bonus for this weekend...a birthday girl!

Let's sing Happy Birthday to Ellie, the big 3 year-old! (she got a new bike, video to come!)

Now have a quick rest in the afternoon sun

Then take a look at the nature scavenger hunt list, because it's time for a hike!

Off we go!

Be sure you're geared up for babies who need naps!

And turn your head the other way if you don't want to watch a load of small children walk across a bridge with no railing!

Take a quick break, cook up some dinner, then it's time for fishing!

A big catch for a little girl!

Take a look at the beautiful evening water (After this shot, Mommy took a trip to the ladies' room and there was an almost-ER visit when MC got a fishing hook stuck in her eyebrow with live worms dangling in front of her eye! She gave everyone a huge scare but all was well and it didn't even bleed. Thanks be to God it didn't catch her eye!)

It's been a tiring day, so kiddos can easily fall asleep in Mommy or Daddy's lap

Last night around the fire

But that tent is calling your name...time to slip into that sleeping bag!

Your new day surely starts off right when you're looking at this adorable face!

And you look up to see this gorgeous sky!

And catch a glimpse of an alligator before it's time to go home.

Hope you had fun! We sure did! Only complaints were a few almost-accidents and a bit chilly in the night. But otherwise it was perfect weather and no bugs! We enjoyed our time with our friends and are already planning the next trip! Let us know if you'd like to come!


Jill said...

I would love to join you!! Looks like an incredible trip. Thanks for sharing all of the great photos!!

Megan said...

That looks like such fun!!

Lillian said...

How fun!!! Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love to camp and the weather this time of year is just great! We almost considered camping a night this weekend at a park here in Austin, but figured it'd be a whole lot of work for one night (which we've still done before). Glad you enjoyed it!

B-Mama said...

What a great synopsis... and seems like a wonderful time! Wish we lived in TX and could come along!

Neen said...

Wow, I hate camping, but I am so sad we missed that! You guys are awesome. My kiddos would have loved that! I am so glad that everyone came home safely. Those guardian angels are probalby restng a tad better with the kiddos at home. You are so right about waking up to that smile, it must make the day go better.
Sorry I couldn't caht at after Mass. I wanted to come talk and see how it went. LifeTeen called me away. Thanks for taking the time to show all those shots. It really looks like you all had a blast!!!

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