Friday, April 04, 2008

Garden update

Looking good!

I think we have radishes, carrots, corn, pumpkins, and tomatoes. We'll see how they do! We had a good rain today!


Rich said...

Alright Steven! The radishes and carrots should be fine, but, judging by the photos, I'm a little concerned about how close together things are. The corn gets tall and will block the sun. The pumpkins spread out a lot and may not have enough room. The tomatoes may need some assistance, too. If they are an "indeterminant", they will spread laterally along the ground. If they are a "determinant", they will need a cage to grow upwards.

Right now, the plants are small, so you may consider transplanting.

The tomatoes, if a determinant, can go in a nice pot. Get a cage and you can place it anywhere.

The corn should be left there. You will probably pick the carrots and radish before the corn blocks out too much light.

The pumpkins may be fine where they are, but if you want a high yield, give it some space to spread out. The BEST thing about pumpkins is that if you leave a couple to go to seed, they come back each year.

I'm starting out gardening, myself, so I'm no expert. I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Check out my blog for some garden photos. You guys inspired me to post them.

Gig 'Em!

Blair said...

Thanks, Rich. Steven was planning to spread them out a little...he's looking for homes for the pumpkins, any takers!

Rich said...

Are the pumpkins full-grown? They are a fun veggie to grow, even if they aren't very edible (you can eat them, but it's not all that appetizing). They are very ornamental, though.

I'd recommend keeping the pumpkins for the kids to watch. It's educational.

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