Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today's Mommy Dance

By Blair

Sun is shining
I am pining
For a little bit more sleep

Kids in the bed
Kicking my head
Time to get up on my feet

Start my prayers
Tangly hairs
Children begging for some food

Slowly moving
We are grooving
Try to have a happy mood

Mixing pancakes
Pouring O.J.
Bacon grease is burning me

Bathe and shower
Water the flowers
Sunday clothes for all to see

Out the door
Remember more
Always something left inside

Get to Mass
Will they last?
Another chance to lose my pride

One is screaming
One is beaming
Sing Alleluia and Amen

Please no whining
Stop the climbing
Will we make it to the end?

Christ is here
Have no fear
He is in the midst of all

I receive him
Grace is within
Now I know I’ll never fall

Still I’m chasing
Guiding, racing
Mass ends and we made it through!

Children napping
I am clapping
Now I wonder what to do?

Pick up blocks
Fold some socks
Read a weblog, write a poem

Think on scripture
Look at pictures
Kids are up and Daddy’s home!

Alone time ends
The week begins
Still I’m glad I had the chance...

By wiping noses,
Tickling toeses,
...To serve God through this day’s Mommy Dance!

(This morning I attempted and survived Sunday Mass alone, instead of waiting until the evening Mass with Steven. I thought it deserved a write-up! The idea of the rhyme of this poem came from a children's book called "Snow Dance" by Lezlie Evans.)

Here are the "angels" today after dancing on the coffee table:


Em said...

Blair, I just love your blog!!! I sooo identify with so much of what you write. I love your mommy dance! Mass is so hard (wait till you have 3 - and all mobile.... I have actually been reduced to tears!!) by yourself with little ones. Keep up the great attitude!
-Emily Finch

Anonymous said...

Cute poem! Way to go at Mass by yourself!

Julia said...

Blair! You DO have a GREAT blog! And you are a beautiful writer, I adore this poem. I've now started a blog on this site also, but it'll take a while for me to get those creative juices flowing. I am planning to come back here every day for daily inspiration!
:) ~ Julia

Anonymous said...

This is great, Blair! You're so upbeat and positive. I hope to check in and see your blog more in the near future (somehow I've missed it until now).

Melissa said...

Hi Blair! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog! This post was so very sweet, I'm really enjoying reading through your archives. Your girls are beautiful...they look like little angels! Enjoy every minute with them!

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