Sunday, September 10, 2006


MC: Takes her gum out, sneezes twice, puts it back in and says, "I have to take my gum out so I can blessyou!"
Me: "You mean sneeze?"
MC: "Yeah, I like to call it blessyou."

Had to cut her hair again after getting gum in it today :-/ Ellie is cutting about 5 teeth and has been fussy all day. The girls both have ant bites all over and I just realized ants are coming in our side door and the bites aren't from the park! :-/ I doused the nearby anthill with boiling water (advice from a Google search). Pretty fun. Our coffee table holds most of the contents of our pantry as MC plays grocery store and our crockpot is cooking some chicken breasts which may have been defrosting in the fridge a few too many days. Will we eat it? TBA...

Ellie can now say PaPa, baby, and Holly (my parent's dog). Mary Clare starts a little ballet class tomorrow at a teenage homeschoooler's house. Should be fun (and free)! Right now she's dancing around the living room with a wooden cross and singing "Agnus Dei, you take away the sins of all the world, Dona Nobis Pacem." Daddy is on his way home. The Mommy Dance for today is almost over, thanks be to God :-) Hope everyone has a wonderful week and tries to love with a passionately real reckless love!

Here are some pics of the girls from their friends' birthday party at the park last night...playing in the sandbox and Ellie's first moonwalk! One thing I love is how everyone here adds a second part to the Happy Birthday song, "We're glad God made you, we're glad God made you, we're glad God made ___, we're glad God made you!" So sweet!


Lillian said...

How cute!!

I can't believe we missed you on Friday!! Maybe we can see you Friday?? Craig has some business there!!

Anonymous said...

Blair! I absolutely LOVE this Blog! Not only do I get to see cute and up to date pictures of the girls, but I get to read your beautiful writings of your thoughts and day to day antics :) Thank you for taking time out of your BUSY days to share. Love to you, Steve and the girls. ~ jill

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