Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Apple Pie!

Daddy has been out studying a lot. Last night we entertained ourselves baking our first apple pie. Yum Yum!

Here are my little chefs:

Ellie decided to dump the bowl of sugar all over herself and the table. They went straight into the bathtub after this! If you notice a recurrent theme, it's Ellie in diaper-only. She screams when I put a bib on her so it's just easier to strip her when she eats or plays messy!

Finished product (recipe from Better Homes cookbook), very tasty!


Lillian said...

OOOH that looks soooo yummy!!! I haven't baked a pie with my kiddos since the last time you were here! Remember!! ;-) I haven't worked enough courage to bake another pie with them.

Thanks for the sweet note yesterday!! I would love to see you. Busy tomorrow? We could drive up there.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful pie! Looks like your girls had a lot of fun, too!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Benjamin and I have gotten as far as making biscuits together :) I'd love to try a pie sometime, but it may be on my own first. Making wonderful memories!

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