Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Do I...

-Make the margins so you can see my picture? (Or can you see my picture when you click on my blog? I can't.)
-Add links to the side (other websites and blogs)
-I know this is very advanced, but I'd like to eventually have a picture at the top where my title is. Anyone know about that?

Thanks from the novice blogger!
Trying again with my profile pic problem:


Em said...

Hey Blair, I don't know much about how to do stuff on here (it is totally NOT user-friendly!!)...
but as to links... you have to go in to Template, then scroll down until you start seeing things like this <<>> (half way down or more). Then look for Sidebar somewhere in there. Eventually you will see where it has your current links (google news, edit-me, etc). Just delete the web address between the "" and put your own in, then delete the title of the link (ie Google news) and put your own title in.
Total pain.
YOu can find out how to put your picture in by clicking around on blogger Help. I can't quite remember, but you basically have to post a picture of yourself on the blog, copy the url and transfer it, then delete the post (unless you want to keep the picture up as a post too). Hope that helps!

Blair said...

Thanks Emily! I did the picture thing (linking from a previous post), and it shows up when I post on other's blogs, but I think it doesn't fit on mine for some reason. It used to show up but stopped showing up sometime. Hmmm.
I'll have to try the link thing later though...thanks!

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