Thursday, December 04, 2014

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Here's our sweet girl all dressed up for the season!

I didn't get photos of our Thanksgiving meal, but here are a few of a walk around the neighborhood with NeNe and PaPa on Thursday afternoon.

lots of card-playing on Thanksgiving!

Our kiddos had fun at the annual family flag football game on Saturday before our 2nd Thanksgiving Dinner.  Copper the dog wasn't sure about the whole thing. And he threw up in the car again (the 4th time). He will not be taking car rides for awhile! One day I'll think this adjustment to a new adult dog is funny. Right now it's just very frustrating! He has escaped from the house/backyard about a dozen times and has now peed in the house twice. He's truly living up to his name, David Copperfield!

Steven Joseph was real happy to be able to celebrate with all the December birthday kids. Cupcakes and annoying screaming B family birthday song. It's a tradition!

Happy Advent, friends!

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