Friday, November 28, 2014

Introducing our new Thanksgiving Friend!

and sharing some Thanksgiving memories...

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Steven had an overnight trip back to Corpus Christi to get some important things that were left (my curtains and the Blessed Mother outdoor statue!). We got our first offer on our house, which was unfortunately way too low to even negotiate, but we've had some more showings and had heard that another offer might be in the works.

We hosted our first Thanksgiving meal here with my parents for lunch on Thanksgiving Day. Steven took Ellie and SJ on a duck hunting trip this morning. We visited our new local Costco store last weekend and had a fun outing to IKEA with some friends on Tuesday. We had a family photo shoot with some friends. We've enjoyed lots of family time with cleaning and cooking. The kids helped in the Thanksgiving prep and even put up Christmas lights in the front yard! Tomorrow will be our big Thanksgiving dinner with Steven's family, and we are all looking forward to that and the flag football game at the park beforehand.  We will have lots of fun memories from this week!

But our biggest decision came this week in the form of a new furry family friend!  Here's David Copperfield, aka "Copper!"

As I've shared here, we've been looking for a dog for weeks, and dreaming of a new pet ever since Timber passed away three years ago.  We knew we wanted to adopt an adult dog this time around, so we wouldn't have to deal with chewing and housebreaking. I've been looking at rescue websites, Facebook pages, Craigslist, and I've filled out a handful of very detailed applications for different groups. We found that prices can range from $20-350 or more, which is quite a range! Both of us were nearly at the point of just buying a new puppy because this process has been a bit overwhelming and it seemed the cost would be about the same. 

But I saw this little guy on Craigslist earlier this week, and we met him today at an adoption event at a Petco across town (in "Copperfield").  He was rescued about a month ago from the city shelter we visited last weekend. We went there on Sunday just as it was closing and there were dozens of people in line to adopt on the $20 day. It's nice that there are rescue groups that can be the "middle men" to grab these cuties, give them the care they need, and foster them to prepare them for life in a new home.  Because looking at them in the kennels was quite sad and overwhelming, and I'm not sure how people can go in there and choose a dog when you're faced with so many sad eyes and barking dogs wanting your love!

We were hoping for a mellow lap dog this time around, and well...he's a lap dog! Copper isn't quite the calm and submissive dog we were thinking we'd find this time. But after visiting with a lot of dogs, I realized we needed to have a more engaged and playful pet to handle our rowdy crew. I think our busy bunch would probably scare a timid dog.  Copper will keep our boys (and girls) busy, and will hopefully be a fun addition to our home.  We'll be reading up and watching videos on dog training, and we can already tell that he learns quickly and wants to please. Most of all he just seems like a happy go lucky dog, which we really wanted for our family!

My parents helped with watching different kids today while we went back and forth to the adoption event twice (due to my indecisiveness!), and my mom even helped think up the dog name. We were told by Steven's sister that Copper is also the name of the dog in the movie The Fox and the Hound! The rescue group gave us a harness, leash, food, etc.  My parents gave us their old dog kennel and bowl, so we are just about set!  They think Copper is a 4yr old Schnorkie, Schnauzer/Yorkie mix. His fur was shaved due to matting and fleas, but I can't wait to see his beautiful coat come in. I really hope he's a good fit for our family. He barked for a bit tonight, and had one little run out the front door, but is now sleeping soundly in his crate tonight, and I am looking forward to watching him become more comfortable with our family in the coming days and weeks.

Here are some photo memories from the week so far...
top row: family trip to Costco, clothes for family photos, MC taking Katie pics, Ellie with the desk she loves at IKEA.
2nd row: Tommy with an OJ popsicle from his new IKEA popsicle tray, Katie loves playing on the OUTSIDE of the exersaucer, my first homemade cranberries, and the lights the kids put up
3rd row: Steven did great with the turkey, the little spread, the sleeping daddy and papa after lunch, and the hunting kids this morning
4th row: Katie starting to crawl around at Nene's, empty seat before it was...filled with Copper!, and Daddy walking Copper at my parents'.

Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is just swell :)
We have so much to be thankful for. God is so very good to us and we are grateful to be here back home enjoying the holiday season with our families. I pray that this season we will be mindful of all that we have, content in our blessings, and willing to share ourselves and our resources with those in need. Praying for whoever is reading this that you will be filled with God's grace and Christ's love in the coming Advent and Christmas seasons!

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