Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Week of Advent!

This month is flying by! I can't believe Christmas is in four days! Our next few days will be filled with lots of fun, including a cousin outing, Christmas gift preparations, a big Christmas Eve Dinner and Mass, and of course the Nativity of The Lord and a day with family. We'll also have some playdates and mom's nights coming up, and I look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces during this joy-filled week:)

We had a few playdates this past week and got a lot of things done. We celebrated SJ's 7th Birthday, and my mom's birthday too, at TopGolf yesterday! We have some small house projects beginning and a new year to look forward to! And hopefully we will be closing on the sale of our old house in just over a week. We are so grateful for all our blessings, big and small.

Here are some iPhone photos of events of the past few weeks...
Top Row: Katie and the Little People, Thomas and his buddy Andrew at the neighborhood Christmas Lighting, the boys on a camel, and all our kids with Santa at the lighting party.
2nd row: Ninja Turtles (Thomas was fascinated with this and Katie could not stop giggling at them!), Tommy loves blowing out the Advent candles, Katie ripping up a page of SJ's school book (just the title page), and our house with lights
3rd row: backyard fun at a friend's, St. Nick goodies, setting up the tree, and T teaching himself to read.
4th row: the girls at Marshalls (they always try on heels), me with Copper day in and day out trying to get him to "go," all SJ wants for Christmas is his two front teeth, and Ellie on her last Latin class for the year.

Top Row: Blue Knights at the park, night walk with Copper (before he was returned to the foster home, so sad), Katie standing, and a friend's baby shower
2nd row: friends ice skating, T and E at the ice rink, T and K with early morning smiles, and kids helping NeNe with decorations
3rd row: SJ found his trains in the garage, K sleeping through a playdate (18 kids!), K trying to get to the tree, and SJ cutting sugar cookies...for breakfast!
4th row: The new furry friend we are pet-sitting, a trumpet player at the dollar store, SJ and my mom on their birthday, and singing to SJ and my mom

So many fun memories to capture...I hope you and yours are having a joy-filled season and capturing many memories in your heart (and maybe by photo too so we can see!).

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