Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nine is Fine

(photos by Mary Clare) 

Early this morning our sweet Ellie girl turned nine.

Ellie is a lover of all things beautiful...ballet, art, crafts, jewels. 
Her room has things hidden in all sorts of places.

Ellie also loves the good things in life.  Good food, good fun, good clothes, good candy.
What she really wanted for her birthday was money
(she got inline skates and a charm for her bracelet).

Ellie has hair of gold and a heart of gold.
She hardly ever gets in trouble for hurting a sibling.
She will help me with the little ones, even the annoying ones :)

Today she made up a cute dance with the boys.
They always want to participate in the girls' dances but rarely do they get to.
I was proud of her for including them.

It was a fun day.
Early morning donuts and presents.
Scrapbook kit from NeNe.
Skates from the family.
A crocheted doll hat and doll dress made by MC.
Ballet friends over for a playdate.
And an evening dinner with dozens of church friends.
Cupcakes and singing.

Last night she got her ballet costume and we got to watch them practice their dance in costume.  Here's a little clip:

And some snapshots from this morning..

Happy 9th Birthday, Elizabeth Ann Marie.
I look forward to many more days with your sweet smile and kind heart.

1 comment:

JulieC said...

I remember when she was Ellie in the belly…my how time flies!! Will definitely have to get together to skate for sure!

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