Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Five Favorites: New Baby Edition

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com
I haven't joined the Five Favorites Link-Up over at Hallie's in a long time, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite baby items that we've been using with our little Katherine who is now six weeks old!  We've moved twice since baby #4 was born, and much of our baby gear was well-used before it came to us for baby #1!  So it's been fun to get some new things this time around for baby #5. 

Can't get enough of this sweet face!

 So here are some favorite baby gear items this time around...
aden + anais for Target Jillaroo Swaddle Wraps 4pk
These blankets are great.  I actually got a great deal on them at Target because the only pink set in stock had one blanket missing, so they gave me a discount!  They are huge and great for swaddling and covering for nursing.  It's starting to get warm in Texas, so it's nice to have these very lightweight blankets to use.


This rocker is so much better than the old school bouncy seat!  It sits up a lot higher so it can go next to our bed.  It also puts her up at an angle.  It's so leightweight that it's easy to move around the house, and it's also perfect for photography!  I put a nice blanket under her, and move her out to the edge of the garage with great light, and snap away!

I followed this deal that a friend shared last week (not sure if it's expired), and was able to use gift cards, coupons, and I received a gift card, making the total price for this carrier only $56 (regular price $115)!  I used it tonight while she was swaddled in one of the blankets pictured above, and it worked great.  It was actually much easier to use than the Beco carrier I had for Thomas (and lost).  It'll be nice to have the Ergo for back carrying too.  I still use my homemade Moby Wrap most often for the newborn days.  Best $5 ever spent, to make two wraps!

 Teutonia T-Linx Stroller in Topaz Green

Of course we use the car seat whenever we drive anywhere, but this stroller frame is so awesome!  The seat shown on the stroller in the photo is removed so that the car seat fits onto the frame.  It moves so easily and is small enough to walk through stores and other tight places.  Katie had a huge spit-up in the car seat this week, and the cover was easy to remove, throw in the washer, dry in the sun, and then put back on.  My only frustration is that the expiration date for the car seat will be earlier than I hoped, because the seat was manufactured over a year before purchase.  I wish I would have known this from the Albee Baby website before I ordered it.  But overall, I got a great deal and am really happy with this cool looking stroller set :)

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag
I found a great deal on this Vera Bradley diaper bag for Christmas, but they aren't selling this style anymore.  I usually don't choose pink gear for our babies, but I wanted to splurge this time!  It hangs nicely on the stroller and is big enough for everything I could need for the new baby and even a change of clothes for big brother.

It's so fun having a new baby!
Thanks for hosting, Hallie!  Glad I could join again :)

Oh and if you have a spare prayer, please say a little one for our family and the cold virus going around.  We've almost all gotten through it, but little Katie has quite a stuffy nose and we don't want it to get worse!  Thank you!


Janine @ This Little Piggy Stayed Home said...

I've been wanting to try an ergo baby carrier. I had a beco loaned to me too and it was ok but kind of hard to get on and off sometimes. Thanks for the review!!!

Silliest Bunny said...

Great baby items!! Just an FYI- When baby #3 came this summer and was a boy, I splurged on new Aden and Anais blankets... I thought I'd try the more expensive bamboo ones... mistake! They are lovely and soft but if you swaddle, they don't stay.
So now they are cuddle blanket and our baby boy is swaddled in his sisters' pink A+A blankets :)

Kristen said...

Ooh, someone gave us those blankets and I love them too. I just ordered a set to divide up and give as gifts!

Neen said...

I love, love, LOVE the Rock n Play. It made having twins doable. I recommend this to any mom of a newborn. The twins were so tiny that they were able to use them for about 9 months. LOVE - I could take them anywhere, they could sleep anywhere. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Precious baby! Congratulations!

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