Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Favorites: Toddler and Preschool Books

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com 

Joining Hallie again for Five Favorites this week!
I'm sharing five favorite children's books.  These are mainly favorites for our toddlers and preschoolers.

This is actually a series of books by Giles Andreae that all of my kids have loved!  The other books are called Commotion in the Ocean, and Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo.  It looks like he also has one about bugs and another about dinosaurs that we haven't seen.  My kids have all had these books memorized.  We're on our second set, because the first was so well-loved.  The rhyming meter and whimsical artwork makes them all lots of fun to read!

My boys have both loved this little board book, and Thomas still asks me to read it several times a week.  It's just a simple color and counting book, but for some reason they like to read it over and over again, and soon they learn the words enough to "read" it themselves.  We're also on a second copy of this book, because the other was read so much it fell apart!

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name   -     By: Sally Lloyd-Jones
We read this almost every morning for our bible story time.  The language is a bit modern and whimsical for my taste (and I see that some Amazon reviewers are very critical of this), but I absolutely love how "every story whispers his name." At the end of each chapter, they tell how that particular bible story was a precursor to the Savior.  The boys like hearing the same stories over and over again.

 This was a favorite of my girls, and I imagine it will make a comeback in our family now that we have our own little Katie!   It's the delightful story of a kangaroo mother without a pouch who tries to find ways to hold her baby, mimicking other animal mothers.  The illustrator is H.A. Rey of the Curious George books, so it evokes those kinds of happy feelings.

This is actually MY favorite book.  The artwork is stunning, and the rhyming story is beautiful.  "Said the mother horse to her child: I love you as much as the warm summer breeze.  Said the mother bear to her child: I love you as much as the forest has trees," etc.  It includes beautiful painted scenes of animal babies and their mothers.  We have a board book and hardcover of this one.  And I love how the baby on the final page appears to be co-sleeping with his mommy!  Makes me want to go read it to little Katherine right now.  Time to go join her in bed!

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