Sunday, April 27, 2014

Answer Me This and What I Wore Sunday

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and with Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday

1. Do you hate happy, clappy church music?
No.  I prefer beautiful traditional hymns and Latin polyphony, but every now and then my soul craves a good charismatic Life Teen Mass, complete with the full band and praise songs.  Those kinds of songs were part of my wonderful college experience, as I fell in love with Jesus in the Mass and Adoration.  I even helped lead a weekly Praise & Worship, and spent a couple summers singing songs like this at a Catholic camp.  It brings back lots of good memories, but now I prefer more reverent music during mass, with some praise songs every so often.

2. What is your priority?  Eating or sleeping?
Eating.  I am a night owl and would rather be awake eating ice cream and blogging than sleeping.  I like to sleep late and recently I've been able to do that, but napping isn't always an option with the number of kids we have now!  Someone is always needing me.

3. What type of milk to you drink in your house?
None of us are big milk drinkers (except the 2 month-old, and that's full mama milk that she gets), but we buy 2% for use in cooking and with cereal.  And Oreos.

4. What is a book that changed your perspective on something?
Story of a Soul, St. Therese's autobiography is one that comes to mind.  It taught me about the virtue of humility which I have always needed help with.  I should probably read it again.  Her family life is so inspirational.  This book was also a key instrument of the conversions of at least a couple different friends.

5. Who is your favorite saint?
Well, today's favorite saint is definitely Pope St. John Paul II on the day of his canonization, especially since WE GOT TO MEET HIM.

Other favorites are the Blessed Mother, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (my confirmation saint and my daughter's namesake) since she was a mom and a teacher and a nun, St. Clare and St. Katharine Drexel (my other daughters' namesakes).

6. Introvert or Extrovert?
I've always been an extrovert, enjoying big social events and meeting new people.  But the more and more kids we have, the more I crave silence and quiet and alone time.  So I think the kids are slowly making me become an introvert!


And here's what I wore Sunday:

And what she wore Sunday:
since baby fashion is much more fun than postpartum mama fashion!
This is a dress from when I was a baby :)

And now it's time to go to a Holy Hour and BIG PAR-TAY at church for Divine Mercy Sunday and the CANONIZATION!!!  We're hoping to stream the replay of the mass that EWTN will show on their website this evening.  Fun, Fun.  That is, if my kids don't kill each other and get punished from going to the party.  Stop with the hitting and name-calling and tattling!!!

Hope you're having a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday!  Yay for our new saints!!!


Amelia Bentrup said...

I love that shade of blue...and those matching shoes!!

The baby is so adorable!

CupCake Earthquake said...

I think you both look beautiful!!

Kendra Tierney said...

Those cheeks! And I love her vintage dress. I got a big bag of early 70s baby dresses that someone donated to the pregnancy help center that my mom helps out at, but they didn't have sizes and were so old fashioned that none of those moms really wanted them. But I did!

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