Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Before we went out of town, I hosted two informational meetings for the new homeschool co-op, and then we had overnight visitors.  It felt good to get the house cleaned up with so many visitors and guests between May and early July!  I'm not sure if I've posted a pic of our bedroom with my new cute little throw pillow.  It's all about colorful poppies!  I think I was also hoping to add these to Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson last week since the theme was "rooms."

And here's the clean-ish living room ready for the guests.

kids and books being silly and happy

Little man only likes his picture taken when he asks.  And especially not when he's throwing a fit.

Also, funny right now because it's so frustrating...
I have taken part in about THIRTEEN phone calls relating to the ONE prescription I'm trying to pick up today!  Seriously, this shouldn't be so complicated.  Except that initially they wanted me to get the medicine at a compounding pharmacy which doesn't take insurance.  Then the regular pharmacy said it wasn't covered.  Then the insurance company said that it would be covered with pre-authorization.  Then we realized pre-authorization takes up to 2 weeks.  Then they switched the prescription.  Then the pharmacy said they didn't get it.  Then the NP said she sent it.  Then they actually did get it, but needed to fill it.  Oh but let's see if we actually have it.  NO.  Then I plead that I'm just trying not to MISCARRY MY BABY, and then she offers to call every pharmacy in town.  Then she calls back and found a place that has it.  Then I call them, and they have received it but need to fill it.  And it's way across town.  And Daddy is on a "work" (fishing) trip.  And so I'm about to venture out with the kids just HOPING and PRAYING they have this medicine ready and I only have to pay the co-pay amount and not the hundreds of dollars it actually costs.  Because we pay thousands and thousands in premiums and I don't want to pay out of pocket for medicines!  Thank God they gave me the medicine in shot-form yesterday, but I was supposed to have 2 doses today and I have yet to get any.


I'll end with some fun videos.  This first one is the girls' last day of summer ballet class, and the other is the firework show on the Woodlands Waterway for the 4th of July!

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