Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

We had a fabulous 11 days in Houston, so it's no wonder that we're all on a post-vacation low right now.  It doesn't help that I'm in the midst of trying to work through my doctor situation and am dealing with a concern about one of my bloodwork levels.  Please keep us in prayer.  I'll be seeing an OB here tomorrow and hopefully seeing a little heartbeat on ultrasound!  Normally we don't share our news this early, but one of the kids overheard me telling a nurse and started telling people without me realizing she knew!  Well, it's good to celebrate a little life regardless of how long it is, and to be covered in prayer during this vulnerable time for us.  Thank you.

The highlights of our week:

~4th of July Parade on Market Street, LaMadeleine lunch, visit to the pool, dinner at Goose's Acre, and Fireworks on the Waterway
~Finding out about a new little life on July 5th and having dinner with friends
~A little pizza party with the cousins and seeing the rest of Steven's side of the family on Saturday
~Sunday Mass with new pastor downtown, and farewell party for old pastor.  Pizza lunch and pool time
~Monday morning with friends while I had bloodwork done
~Frozen yogurt place and pool with my parents and some friends on Tuesday
~Meeting an old friend at the park on Weds morning who was visiting from out of state, then a last-minute pool party with another old friend.  Steven Joseph went to the pool again with my parents that evening!
~Thursday playdate with backyard water play and pizza with friends.  Then more bloodwork where the kids got lots of compliments on their behavior at the lab!  Went to mom's Charlotte Mason book club with old friends while my friend's husband watched the kids.  We stayed at their house that night.
~Friday morning watched horseback riding lessons for our friends, I took a lunchtime drive with Thomas, and then the kids all put on an adorable circus!  Then we went out to the farm and Daddy met us there that evening.
~A quiet Saturday at the farm
~Sunday downtown mass again, lunch with my parents, and then a visit with Steven's parents before driving back home!

And now I think I'll just do a photo dump, otherwise it will take me forever to get all the pictures up!

I've already shared some of these, but I'll just start at the beginning...

Got to Market Street Parade just after 9am after leaving home at 5am!

Culver's Frozen Custard.  Mmmm!  Should have gotten some of that while we were there.  Sounds really good right now!

I loved that the "Senior Living Residence" bus drove around with the parade.  All the old people were waving from inside!  Too cute!

And you just gotta love the Mr. Rooter float with the giant toilet!

Tommy wouldn't get close to the parade.

Cooling off afterwards.

Mary Clare and I shared a salad at LaMadeleine.

Then some pool time

Trying to find a restaurant without a 2hr wait


You can see the huge crowds down there by the fountains

It took us an hour to get on the highway because of all the traffic!

The next morning....

 Painting at friends' house that evening

A quiet sunny morning, time to clean up!

Did not want to leave the pool

Some shots for "Window" for my Facebook photography group

This kid.

Sprinkler time!


Silly boys

Tired boys

Me and my crew while meeting my friend at the park

Haven't seen her since college!

 He spotted this across the mall!


New Rainbow Loom cases from NeNe and PaPa

Cute 2yr olds.  He wanted me to take their picture!

Stringing beads around 11pm at a mom's book club

Watching the horseback lessons, he was enthralled.  "I'm gonna ride that one next!"

And we were so grateful they let them ride around twice.

Starting to cry because he didn't want to get off.  I had to go and pull him down!

The "NBC Circus!"

Out at the farm...
Gathering the kids for...

Gun safety lessons

and then they got a turn!

He fell asleep on the tile stairway

Lots of cards were played

And finally the sun set on the farm, and on our wonderful trip!

Even with 11 days there, we still didn't get to see everyone.  We spent most of the time with my parents, just hanging out and watching TV!  We had lots of fun, but lots of time to relax, too.  Thanks to all who put together fun events for us...dinners, and lunches, and playdates, and those who even watched the kids while I was getting labwork and attending the book club.  We are so blessed and we'll be back again soon!

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