Monday, July 08, 2013

Making Memories

We've been making lots of fun memories this past week!  Our friends the K family, including our goddaughter Cecilia, arrived at our house on the 2nd for a night. I was still feeling poorly but we tried to make the most of the few hours we had with them and I know the kids had a blast!

We left at 5:00am on the morning of the 4th, making it into our hometown for the parade, followed by time at the pool with the grandparents, and finally dinner and fireworks on the Waterway! Saturday evening we spent grilling with friends and Sunday we spent visiting Steven's side of the family. Mary Clare came down with the throat illness on Friday, and my throat was still bothering me, so we ran to the grocery store clinic and each got a z-pack that knocked it out quickly!

It was the first Sunday mass for the new pastor of our old historic church in downtown Houston. It also happened to be the farewell celebration for the previous long-serving pastor Msgr. G. What a gift to be able to share that day with many old friends, including some from out of state! We went to a great pizza joint with friends, and then said a tearful goodbye to Daddy. It was so much fun to have him with us for 4 full days! An evening at the pool with NeNe and PaPa helped us to recover. 

This week should be filled with relaxation and playdates, and hopefully more family fun this weekend if Steven makes it back into town.  I've been picking up some curriculum items I've needed, too.  I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures but I'll add some iPhone/Instagram pics here. Not sure how they'll load since I'm blogging from the phone. Hope you all had a great holiday with your families and are having a joyful July!

Market Street Parade

Cafe Express with NeNe and PaPa

Playing at the pool on the 4th

Looking for a place to eat that night. Some restaurants had a 2 hour wait!

Watching fireworks from our restaurant on the Waterway. 

Painting at our friends' house. 

Pretty sun shining into an early morning bath for the boys. 

After a full day downtown for mass and lunch and saying goodbye to Daddy, somebody wasn't happy when the pool closed!

Silly boys!

Sprinkler fun this afternoon 

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