Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Mary Clare with her pretty ballerina teacher after we went to watch the ballet production back home this weekend.  They were thrilled to watch their friends and pass out roses to their old classmates and teachers :)

Kids and grandparents were VERY happy to see each other this weekend!  This was after a quick dip in the pool before we got back on the road.  Not sure how happy either of the boys were in this picture, though.  They were both ready for a nap!

Kids gathering eggs after we got back from Sunday Mass.  I like the farm kids in their church clothes.  Steven Joseph has a shirt-full of eggs!  Thomas wasn't afraid of the chickens at all!  We always have fun at the farm!


  I really can't believe how big my baby is getting.  He's holding a pencil and drawing "O's" here.  He loves repeating different color names these days, even though he can't really recognize them yet.  He loves books with pictures, especially animals and vehicles.  Helicopters are his favorite!

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