Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long weekend in Houston

Maybe one day I'll start writing again, for now it's just pictures since this is our one and only family "album!"  Here are photos from our long weekend in Houston.  We had a great time seeing family and friends!

We made a little stop at The Woodlands Mall, before visiting 3 friends that first evening.  One was a last-minute stop at our friends' the O's new house and the other was dinner over with the K family, before we finally settled for the night at the N's and spent the next morning there for Pickwick.  It was so great to get to visit with so many of our homeschooling friends and be back in our old stomping grounds for a bit!

 They all enjoyed the Lego store!

This is supposed to be Uncle Brice and Aunt Allison, love it!

While the girls were at their girls' club, I took Thomas and Steven and Steven's friend J to two different parks!

Oh how I miss me some Woodlands parks...

On Friday afternoon, we went to my parents' house where T got right down to business in the car here.

Many a Bailey baby has been bathed in this big bathtub!  The boys played in here forever!

We spent the next two nights out at Little Way Farm.  Here's T enjoying some swinging...

And loving their tiny sweet Annie Dog, a teacup Yorkie.  SO cute!

 Lots of time for biking

And I'll have to upload the video of him making baby sounds for little Miriam.  It was the cutest thing EVER!  He would brrrr his lips and she would cooo at him :)

Saturday night was the ballet show from their old studio.  The girls did NOT want to miss this performance.  They were so excited to see their old friends and pass out pink roses to their classmates and teachers. It was a wonderful show about Creation and the Savior.  I admit that the ballet numbers they would have been in were beautiful and brought tears to my eyes!

Oh how we miss all of our sweet homeschooling friends, such precious girls!

We made it to 7:45am Mass on Sunday (love that German painted church), and then out for breakfast.  The kids then went straight out to the henhouse to collect the eggs!

Thomas did some writing...

And then we were off for another quick visit with NeNe and PaPa, with a stop at the pool.  We didn't get to see Steven's side of the family, but his parents arrive here tomorrow to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary!  We'll be back to visit very soon when my brother is back from his deployment and we finally get to meet his babygirl in early July.  Can't wait!

Still, it was nice to get home and sleep in our own beds.  The trips are still hard and still make me homesick, but each one gets a little easier.  We're getting lots of visitors this summer and are keeping busy with our summer activities.  We're starting to look at different areas here to consider possibly buying a house later this year.  I was hoping we'd just rent for awhile and then move back home, but I'm slowly coming around to the possibility that God may have other plans for our family here for a bit longer than that.  We'll see what He has in store.  Houston will always be "home," I think, because it's filled with family and friends that warm our hearts.  But our little family is enjoying the fun and the sun here at the beach!!!


Silly Faces and Grace said...

Hi Blair....I love following your blog :) Just wondering the name of the Ballet studio your girls went to in Houston. Our family will be relocating in a few weeks to Houston (so excited) and would love for my girls to continue dancing. It will also be our 1st year homeschooling, so lots of changes coming are way. Anyways thanks for sharing and God Bless your family.

Blair said...

Hi Nancy! We lived on the far north side of town near The Woodlands and the girls went to Excelsior School of Dance, a wonderful Christian studio which I'd highly recommend. We were very involved with the Bread of Life Catholic Homeschoolers. Best wishes with your move and let me know if I can be of any help!

Neen said...

As you adapt you will claim home in more than one place. I am so glad that you are liking where you are. I laugh as you talk about Houston. I stil want out, love the people so much but I so muss the change of season. Oh well, I guess God will continue to keep me or put me where He wants me.

Nope said...

Hi, are all those places near or in Houston. My husband is looking at a job in Houston TX. I am mortified....the only think i can see is rattle snakes and tornadoes.

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