Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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My beautiful ballerinas had their recital on Saturday.

A happy afternoon playing in the baby pool in the driveway!

Taking all 4 kids shopping is always a funny experience.  On this day I think we went to 4 stores, which was WAY to much.  The boys got restless in the Kohl's dressing rooms.  Can you tell?

A bird built her nest in Mary Clare's painted birdhouse on our porch.  Aren't the chicks adorable?  Mary Clare is so excited to check on them each day and take pictures.  It's concrete underneath, so I just hope they survive when it's time to leave the nest.  I've considered putting something soft underneath.  What would you do?  I guess I should ask my husband whose degree was Animal Science!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Good for you for taking pictures and not flipping out over the restless boys in Kohl's! I could have easily been totally done in by the fourth store myself.

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