Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I'm still here.
Hey look!  It's me!  It's been a whirlwind week with no time for blogging!  We've had lots of whirlwind weekends, but this week we've continued our busyness and I'm looking forward to things settling down in the coming days!

Just posting their portraits here, in case they get lost.  Blog memories forever!  So glad we got these done this year.  They've never had professional portraits taken for ballet, and these turned out beautifully!

Swim team.
The girls are enjoying swim team!  Last weekend was their first meet.  It was SOOOO different than the ones back home.  Very low-key.  We didn't have to be there until 8am, and they were finished in about 2.5 hours!  The teams are so small; the girls got to swim all kinds of events and even got 2 ribbons each.

posing with their sharpie-d numbers on their forearms

the pool was at a beautiful park!

Grampatti and BopBop were here!
We had a wonderful visit, but a quick one.  They stayed downtown for their 50th wedding anniversary, but we got to share some lovely adventures visiting at home, out to eat, at the swim meet, the hotel pool, and the...

USS Lexington!
Steven took his dad to see the aircraft carrier.  He left his mom and I with the 4 kids at the indoor-outdoor hotel pool and accidentally took my phone, and didn't tell me they were leaving!  They had a great time.  And as soon as I got the kids out of the pool, up to the hotel room, dressed, dragged the crying one to the car, loaded up, and got home for a nap...we survived, too!  Really, I'm glad they got a nice father/son outing the day before Father's Day, especially since I had no energy for anything special for Father's Day.

Anniversary dinner.
Steven grilled steak and chicken for his parents.  We had a very nice dinner!  The kids and I made cake balls and candy-covered pretzels and bought them a big Esperanza plant and they made some homemade cards. 

Happy 50th to a wonderful couple!  We are so blessed!  Aren't they great?

After dinner was the typical evening of girls dancing, and boys throwing a baseball across the room!

Tomorrow (today) is the last day of VBS.  I'm working the nursery, which has housed between 10 and 16 toddlers at a time, with usually one crying, one stinky, and one hitting.  Quite a riot!  I was supposed to teach a lesson to the older kids today but had a serious confusion that ended up in a big headache for the other volunteers because of my mistake.  And I made someone mad because we showed a movie to the toddlers.  But I survived the day, and almost the week.  Ready for weekend, please!

Thomas concentrating hard on his watercolor painting of a Mary image.

Lots of kids having lots of fun at VBS this week!

Yay, summertime!

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Neen said...

A simple swim meet sounds delightful!!!! I hope you all are having fun.

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