Thursday, April 05, 2012

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I love having a fun way to "dump" all my random photos to share!  Still hoping for some miraculous cure of my camera, but acknowledging that I'm likely "stuck" with iPhone photos for a very, very long time.

Found this photo on my iPhone.  Big sis had taken a pic of her to put the image on a cake on her iPhone cake decorating game.  Sweet pic of my Ellie girl.  

Mary Clare wanted a french braid the other day!  I made two side braids with the top half of her hair.  I love braiding and wish my girls would let me do it more often! (And please refrain from looking at the toy mess in the background, definitely not pretty!  I'm proud to say the playroom is this moment organized!

I was hoping to get the girls some practical summer sandals.  Instead, here's what they chose.

Some sweet moments with my Tommy-boy.  Tonight we played kitchen together.  He was SO excited to play with Mommy.  He still doesn't talk much, except for saying "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy."  It's like those toddlers who grunt and point to tell you what they want, but he just says Mommy over and over again.  But tonight he kept saying "thank you" when we'd pass around the kitchen stuff.  So sweet.

Another happy moment with my baby boy.

Playing with Little People on the fireplace.  He'd just thrown one at me.  Guess he didn't like the camera!

Ellie and Steven Joseph sharing a Hot Pocket (cringe) and reciting the Jim Gaffigan comedy sketch about Hot Pockets that they like to watch with Daddy.

Found this set up next to Mary Clare's bed today.  It's been put away in a closet, but she found it and set it all up for her doll!

This is my real life, folks.  Never a dull moment with four young children!
Hope you're having a blessed Holy Week!  May the Triduum of the next few days be a time of drawing near to Christ as we await the EASTER JOY!


*kate said...

Who needs practical sandals when you can have pink frills? :)
Wishing you a very blessed Easter!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Ooooh, lovin' those sandals. Which I could have some of my own!

Tracy C. said...

I love those sandals too! And I love that your kids are reciting comedy sketches, My kids do that with this Bill Cosby routine. That's the fun stuff they'll remember doing together forever.

texasmcvays said...

Yes, my husband introduces all of our children to silly comedy sketches too. Their current favorite is the Chik-fil-a song b y Tim Hawkins. I hope you have a great Goodwill near you to replace your lamp and the next whaterver the sweet ones break. I know we are there often ;) I wish I could braid my girls hair like that but it doesn't seem to work with curly girlies. Blessings!

Blair said...

Well, glad you all enjoy the sandals! I just hope they last through the summer. And sounds like you all have some comedians, too.

We do have a great thrift store in town, but it's a bit of a drive and I haven't been there in a few weeks. Thankfully the lamp wasn't in a needed location, so we don't have to replace it. I need to start collecting lamps, though, because our living room tends to feel so dark!

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