Monday, April 02, 2012

April Fool's Day

Today we always remember my grandfather Al (my mom's dad) whose birthday was today.  He died when I was pregnant with Ellie.  He must've been laughing at my crazy day today.  Let's begin with the vigil of April Fool's Day/Palm Sunday:

~I traveled to Houston with only the toddler on Saturday, who was not happy to be in a car without siblings for 4 hours.  He was also not happy to be my date for a mom's night out with two of my friends back home.  He was crazy at the table, climbing out of the high chair and trying to run away many times.  Throwing food and fussing, it was quite a sight.  But still I enjoyed dinner with the ladies.
~I debated long and hard in my own mind how to handle mass today.  Do I go to my favorite downtown mass and see my friends, then head home?  Do I go with my dad since my mom has been sick?  Do I drive home and go alone in the evening?  I ultimately decided to go with my dad to the parish where I grew up.
~We arrived a few minutes before what we thought was the 10:45 mass, but was actually changed to 11:00 for Palm Sunday.  Thomas was already tired on our drive there, ready for a nap.  Palm Sunday Mass starts outside and he was running around wanting to climb in every water feature in the church garden.  His nose was running like a faucet all weekend, I assume from the pollen and allergies.
~We processed into the church and lasted all of 2 minutes before T started crying wanting to nurse.  I took him to a hallway where he nearly fell asleep.  But then he ran around the Narthex with other screaming toddlers who were ready for their lunch and nap.  I tried to go back into the church a few times to no avail.  The Gospel reading was about half an hour including several songs with the children's choir throughout.
~I never leave after communion, but today, it was all I could do to last that long.  It was 12:30pm before communion was over!
~My kind mother offered to order some takeout so I could eat before hitting the road, but I was too frustrated to take advantage of this.  I was ready to head back home!  Thomas fell asleep about 2 minutes after we drove away from church, so I dropped off my dad and hit the highway.
~Thomas only naps for about an hour in the car, and I had an arsenal of snacks ready for him.  Still I decided to stop for a drive-thru lunch since it was already 2:00 when he awoke.
~Drive thru #1 I had to wait behind a car that had turned off it's engine it was waiting so long.  My credit card was denied 3 times, so I had to hand back my food and drive away.  (Nothing was wrong with my card!)
~I called Steven to make him check our accounts (I was panicked that we had some kind of fraud), but all was okay.  I got gas and drove off looking for some other food that wouldn't require getting out of the car.
~Drive thru #2 I waited behind 3 people and they had my price wrong and had to get a manager override.  I drove away only to find they'd given me the wrong food!  Had to wait in line AGAIN.  Wasted a good 20 minutes there!  $7 for a kid-sized meal of junk?  Ugh.  I still feel sick from what I ate today.
~Thomas fussed, threw Goldfish crackers, and had a jolly old time screaming the rest of the drive.  I think I spent two hours in bed when I got home to recover from the day!

Now why not try this again next weekend?  This time with Daddy and siblings so hopefully the road trip with be better.  We've  decided to spend Easter with family after all!

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