Saturday, April 21, 2012


Okay, well Jill (sorry, I'd link her blog but it's private) has been inspiring me to try some more artsy photos with my phone.  I'm still trying to decide what to do about my regular camera "crisis," but for now I'm going to work with Instagram so I can at least have some photos that make me smile!

Here's a question for Jill and any other photo-app users...How to you handle the time it takes to load the app and the photos?  Do you take them with the normal iPhone camera option, and then load them into Instagram and edit later?  Because while I'm choosing the effects, I'm missing more photo opportunities!

Here's our day a la Instagram!

Donuts made from refrigerated biscuit dough.  Somehow I let Steven Joseph convince me to make these this morning.  This kid knows how to work his mommy!  He still makes me melt.  I watched him sleep just now, my sweet boy.

Tommy happily eating a donut (interesting how spellcheck is okay with donuts but not donut, sorry I just can't do the doughnut spelling, doesn't look right to me!).  I love his little smirk!

I was having a long morning and went to nurse Tommy down for a nap.  Precious Ellie brought me this picture.  I'm the mama bird up in the tree with my 4 chicks, while Daddy is down at the right, off hunting for worms!  I love it!

These Calzones were on the menu for the week, but since we were going to be at church tonight, I decided to make them for lunch.  Somebody really enjoyed rolling out the dough!

I didn't cut the strips very well and the finished product didn't look like the picture, but the kids didn't mind!  Tasted pretty good!

 They sang Happy Birthday to Ellie and some of the other birthday kids after the 4-H meeting this afternoon!

Finally, here's Thomas with his favorite toys at the rummage sale.  

1 comment:

Jill said...

What's your username on Instagram? I can't find you...

I take all of my photos on my regular camera roll and then Instagram them later.

Yay! Iphone photography is such fun!

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