Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Steven Joseph's 4th Birthday Celebration

Today is Steven Joseph's 4th birthday! While in Houston, we celebrated with his buddy "J" on the 10th. Their birthdays are a week apart and they wanted to share this party together with our families.

The mommies went shopping for treats the night before and let the birthday boys fill the pinata!
The next morning, we made the cake using these directions from Betty Crocker.
Then that afternoon we went to a local fire station for a tour!
Here we were checking out the kitchen,
the workout room,
and the bedrooms where they sleep.
Next we went outside to see the trucks!
The kids were very excited to climb in the fire truck,
especially Thomas!
Next, they took out the fire hose,
And they let the kids spray it!
Steven Joseph was thrilled!
Then it was time to roll up the hose, the hard work that apparently the firefighters dread.
Forever friends! B family + N family = 9 kiddos!
Best Buddies!
They let the kids look in the ambulance and at the stretcher.
Thomas loved this part; he could pull the stretcher around!
They also got to check out the Jaws of Life!
Thanks to the guys at Fire Station #5 for a great visit!
The masterpiece :-)
Cake, Pinata and presents
Pinata time!
Ready to sing and blow out the candles! SJ blew his out while we were still singing and lighting J's candles, so we had to light his again!
My friend's fantastic idea to frost the cake with white frosting, put plastic wrap on the cake, and then put the red frosting on top! So when it was time to eat, we just pulled off the plastic wrap and the yucky red frosting!
It was getting dark (and was already super-cold), so they quickly opened presents before we headed to a warm restaurant for dinner.

Such a special day for two special boys! S and J are the sweetest friends and we look forward to sharing many more birthdays together! Happy Birthday, boys!

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Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Thanks so much for sharing - your cake turned out perfect! and what a great idea to cover in plastic wrap first!!

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